Meri Seif Bus – Meri Tasol

Port Moresby – PNG


As we are all possibly aware it is a dangerous place in Papua New Guinea, none more so than at the nations capital of Port Moresby.

Even more so for women who have their market stalls and women who take public transport.

Most women who travel public transport in Port Moresby will have at some time experienced some form of sexual abuse or sexual harassment.

Another thing about public transport in Papua New Guines is the public transport is in private ownership, where the bus operators will usually wait until they get enough passengers before they will go to their destinations.

A new inovative public transport service has started in Port Moresby called “Meri Seif”. What is so different is there is a new fleet of busses which have been donated from Australia which are larger than the normal average bus used in PNG, the bus are the same as the ones used in Australia. ¬†Also this new bus service is only picking up meri’s (women), also the bus drivers of this new fleet are all meri’s (women) only.

Another unique thing about this new bus service is that it sticks to a time table, instead of waiting for enough passengers.

At the moment Meri Seif Bus service are training and recruiting meri’s to be bus drivers.

So if you are a woman in Port Moresby, look out for a Meri Safe Bus Service near you.

Meri Seif Bus, a bus service driven by women for women.