Gods Word, Lord we pray for your leading.

May we be all things to all people that we may win some to your kingdom.

May your word live within our heart.

May your ways be our ways.

May your words be our words.

Put your words in our mouth.

Put your actions in our body.

Give us the wisdom that we need.

Give us the discernment that we need.

Give us the understanding we need.

May your thoughts be our thoughts.

May we have a heart after your own heart.

When people see us may they see you.

When people hear us may they hear you.

May we reflect you in all ways.

May we uplift and reflect you to all peoples.

May we share your word and your ways with all people.

May we draw and attract many thousands to your kingdom.

May we reflect and show your love of John 17:20-23, John 15:12-13, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Romans 5:5-11, Romans 8:31-39, John 10:10.

May we restore relationships.

May we build community cohesion.

May we build faith.

May we share and show Love.

May we be there to comfort and console.

May we be there within communities and peoples lives to provide for them the needs they need.

May we uplift and glorify you in the lives of others that they may have you as their joy and strength.

IF we cause anyone any pain or suffering or if anyone hate us or angry at us or despise our very existence, if there is anyone who wants to hurt us or do us harm, if anyone wants to fight us or attack us or accuse us of any wrongfully before others, Lord we pray you remove us from their life’s so that they have nothing to do with us in any shape way or form, so that in this way we may not cause them any discomfort or cause them any suffering by having us in their lives,  may we give nobody any reason to hate or fight us. If it be at all possible may we live peacefully with all people.

Lord if we cause those who we dearly love to hate us and despise us and want to lie and slander and fight and attack us, may our very life be removed from us so that we may give no reason or cause for them to fight or hate us so that we may not burden them with our existence.

Lord in all things may we if at all possible in all ways try to show and express your love and devotion and care to all peoples where possible.


Lord we have been called many horrible things by some people, so many things that were so numerous that if only half of them were true it would make us to be the worst evil satanic person in so many ways it would make my stomach turn that such a person exist.

Lord if even half of what these terrible horrible things that have been told about us were true then I pray the worst of your wrath fall upon me and may none of my desires or wish’s or goals or dreams ever eventuate. May your condemnation be upon me for woe to me if I be such as what they have described about me. May destruction and misery fill my life, bring me to naught, even my life itself Lord may it come to dust even if half of these horrible things they say about me ate true, have no mercie, have no compassion, but utterly destroy me from this earth and all trace of me.

May your love and glorious holy spirit and truth be reflected and uplifted and glorified to all.


May we be the living expression reflection of your love and your word to others in your glorious ways.

In the loving name of Our Lord and Saviour. Amen.