Health Crisis Papua New Guinea

Tuberculosis outbreak in Papua Mew Guinea Daru Island. Health Organizations on ground now. 18,000 dense population causing high risk of large scale spreading throughout Papua New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea 8 million plus population on the verge of population reaching 50 million by 2050 due to extremely high rate of youth pregnancies of 18 yo. Health Organizations working towards sterilization and birth control medicins to try keep population high birth rate down.
Catholic church at the front of trying to work with government and health to work on birth control, contraceptions and family planning.
Let’s keep this growing nation in our prays as government is working and struggling with an increasing population where they trying to provide services to its population.

If you love Papua New Guinea and its people, then come join with us to work towards helping to make Papua New Guinea just that little bit better in the lives of our beloved PNG brethren and loved ones.