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52 Ways To Show I Love You


Coming soon – 52 Ways To Say I Love You


Although there are many more ways than 52 ways to show I love you to the ones you love. This list demonstrates some common and novel ways one can show “I Love You” to the one they love.


1)  Wash the dish’s.

2)   Do the laundry.

3) Mow the lawn.

4)  Cook dinner.

5) Drive them to / from work.

6)  Give them space when they are angry.

7)  Not respond to them when they are fighting or attacking you.

8)  Buy them gifts and little treats that you know they like.

9) Ask questions to know what they like or think.

10) Answer any questions your loved one may ask.

11)  Support and uplift your loved one.

12) Do not slander or falsely accuse your love one to others.

13)  Do not look for ways to fight with them or tell them off.

14) Look for ways to complement them on things they have done.

15) If you know they like some food, EG, certain type of 2 minute noodles, then buy them for your loved one as a gift.

16)  Plan a day to take your loved one to the beach or a park.

17) Go for walks together.

18) Spend time together.

19) Talk to one another about your goals and dreams and issues your facing.

20)  Listening to what your loved one says and respond to validate what they say without criticism.

21) If something you are doing causes problems for your loved one, then stop doing that for your loved ones happiness.

22) If you ask your loved one a question and its not the answer you like or want, don’t continue to continually ask the same question

23) Pray for one another..

24) Do things for one another without having to be asked.

25) Visit and spend time together during each others work lunch break where possible.

26) Spontaneous display of affection by giving hugs and kisses.

27) Complement one another.

28) Patience.

29) Finding Reasons to be around them ( without being a stalker )

30) Plan a trip or holiday to go to some place special to your to your loved one.

31) Look on rewarding nice attitudes.

32) Make a special effort to welcome them back home after they have been away for a while or coming home for the first time, ( eg, balloons and streamers around the home, welcome signs and a cake and their favourite foods ).

33) Remaining true and faithful to your loved one and not look at others or flirt with others other than your loved one.

34) . When your loved one leaves, remain true and faithful and wait for them to return and not have relationships with others, even if friends are wanting to introduce you to another partner while your loved one is gone.

35)  Sitting together while  sharing a bowl of ice cream while watching something on tv.

36) Go shopping together side by side.

37) Have nothing to do with someone ( even your own friend ) if they continually lie and / or abuse and harassing your loved ones or your loved ones family and friends, and defend your loved ones against such people.

38) Share with your loved one your deapest secrets, hopes, fears and dreams.

39) Make a shopping list and go to the shops and buy what is on the list.

40) Play a board game or gig-saw puzzle together.

41) Plan a holiday together.

42) Create something with your hands for your special person to use.

43) Forgiving someone from your heart, and letting go of resentment, and not bringing up the other pegsons past mistakes or wrong doings, and not seeking retribution in any way.

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