Wedding Anniversaries

Name, I will not always agree with what you say,
Name, mi bai no oltaim tok yesa long wanem yu tok

but I will always love you
tasol mi bai oltaim laikim tumas yu

I will not always like what you say,
mi bai no oltaim laikim wanem yu tok

But I will always cherish and adore you
Tasol mi bai oltaim laikim yu long bei

Many times you may not want to talk to me or have anything to do with me
Planti taim yu bai no laik long tok mi no gat samtin long mekim wantaim mi

But I will always be true and faithful to you and be by your side to love and support you
Tasol mi bai oltaim bai tru na stap pass wantaim long yu na bai blong yu hapsait long laikim tumas na sapotim yu

I will not always do what you want or expect of me
Mi bai no oltaim mekim wanem yu laik mi long wokim

But I will never leave you
Tasol mi bai inonap larim yu

Many times you maybe upset with me or you may irritate me to wits end
Planti taim yu bai bei hevi wantaim mi no yu me bei hat mi long wari

And seeing your tears makes me feel uneasy
Na lukim bilong yu aiwara mekim mi filim sori

But seeing your smile makes me know everything is alright
Tasol lukim yu bilong yu smail mekim mi sav’e stap orait
And with you together always uplift the LORD as No#1 in our lives
Na wantaim yu oltaim li timopim na putim God paps long lap bilong mipela

There maybe times when life beats on you and wears you down and brings you to discourage
Long hap bai – nating taim wantim lop paitim antap long yu na mekim yu daun na kisim yu long mekim yules

I will always be by your side to support you and love you and encourage you
Mi bai oltain stap baksait long sapotim yu na laikim yu tumas na strongim yu

To be there for you to pick you up when you feel flat and battered down
Long bai mi bai stap long helpim yu antap wataim yu pilim stret na paitim tambolo tambolo

To support you when you feel weak,
Long sapotim yu wantim taim yu pilim les

To encourage you when you feel discouraged
Long strongim yu wantim yu pilim nogut

To love you when you feel rejected
Long laikim yu tumas yu wantim yu pilim nogut

To put my arms around you when you feel alone
Long putim mi tu la han nabaut yu wantim yu pilim wanpela tasol

To share my heart felt love and devotion to and for you when you are heart broken
Long skelim mi kilok pilim laikim yu tumas na lotu long na long yu wataim yu wok stron kilok bruk

And to always be your friend, pal, lover, husband, confidant and to always be your true devoted supporter
Na long oltaim bai bilong yu wan tok, gutpela wan tok, laikim yu tumas bilong yu, maritman, tambu long olgeta gutpela wan tok na long oltaim bai bilong yu tru wok stron sapota

And by the Grace of GOD to be with you in years to come in our twilight years to be there continue to hold your hand and be by your side and continually share our love and devotion to one another through the love and grace of God Our Heavenly Father and Yahshua our friend, Lord and redeemer
Na bai marimari Got long bai wantaim yu insait long yia yia yia long kam insait blong mipela yupela hamas yia yia long BE long hap skruim I go long holim bilong yu han na bai bilong yu hapsait na skruim I go skelim bilong mipela bilong yupela laikim tumas na lotu long wanpela narapla long namel long laimik tumas na marimari Gat bilong mi bilong yu Heven Papa na YAHSHUA bilong mi bilong yu wan tok, God na Bigpela