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5 Love Languages


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5 Love Languages


Physical Touch,  Quality Time,  Receiving Gifts,  Acts Of Service,  Words Of Affirmation


These are the commonly known ways of how someone shows love to the one they love.

Its a language in the sense that its what we are inside, how we show and  express our affection to one another

Some people only have one or 2 of these special languages they may unconsciously use and employ to express their love to the one they love, some may have more, it all depends on the individual.

Here we will be briefly covering these 5 different languages and giving some examples of each.

Some we maybe consciously aware of, some we may not be aware of.

The other problem could sometimes people may have a mis match of these 5 love languages. Why I say that is someone may have the love language of Physical Touch and Quality Time. Meaning they love spending time with the one they love and enjoy holding hands / hug embraces / gentle strokes etc. Where as the other really does not like being touched or touching, and may even find it boring just spending time together but rather feels more comfortable exchanging gifts and telling them they love them so much and doing everything they could for them to make their life more enjoyable. This mis match may sound odd at times, but the one who loves spending time together and holding each others hand etc, they may find it annoying and pointless of just giving gifts because to them a gift is not what they want from them, but rather just spend time with their loved one and not just give / receive gifts, which in itself to them means nothing.

Where as the other person who loves giving gifts and doing things for their loved one feels like just spending time together and holding hands and hugging is sort of smothering and boring and don’t feel like they are able to express and share their love by showing their love by pampering to do things for them such as wash their clothes so they don’t have to worry about it, and prepare them a mean so they can just come and eat it, and to the one who is doing all them things for the one they love enjoys and loves their loved one enjoying themselves in a way that their loved one does not need to worry about being burdened with laundry or dish’s or cooking etc,

Each person is expressing the love and devotion, but its not edifying the other, this mis match can and could cause problems within a relationship.

But when the love languages match and both have the same love languages, then they are truly blessed and will have a wonderful relationship sharing and expressing the same things to each other.

Here is a small sample of each. Though each example provided here is only an example, there are many other ways to express these languages other than the ways we show here, but these are only as a guide / example of each love language.


Physical Touch

This language is the ability and desire to physically touch each other. You know that wonderful warm feeling you get when you are holding the hand of your loved one, or if you are giving a gentle loving embrace with your arms around the person you love. This is the wonderful beautiful feeling of being close and bonding with the one you love and care about so much, being together and holding them to yourself is a very special feeling and joy to those who have the Physical Touch love language,

Also Physical Touch also includes caressing and stroking the other person, in the sense of, you maybe gently stroking the side of their face, or kissing them on their neck, or even making love together.

This special touching builds a bond of unity, love, care for one another. That the 2 individuals come together as one in the unity of peace and devotion.


Quality Time

This language is where you enjoy spending time with the one you love. This does not mean sitting on a chair / couch / sofa watching tv for a few hours or going shopping together or getting ready for the day together etc.

Quality time is where you spend time without time pressures or meeting requirements and obligations, but where you spend time together interacting with each other.

Whether that be going to a restaurant together, or a picnic in a park, or going to the beach together, or sitting together having a chat or playing a board game together. Not necessarily communicating via electronic media. But spending quality time together doing things together that you each like. even if it is just going for walks together side by side.

Enjoying each others company and being together with that other person is a joy and a delight spending time together.


Receiving Gifts

This language is where you give gifts to your loved one. Examples would be if you knew your beloved loved one likes a certain type of noodles then you would have it in your heart to buy and get those type of noodles that your loved one likes.

Or if you knew they enjoyed painting, then you would be getting them different art supplies you know that they would be bale to use. You could also get gifts of providing your loved one with things you have made yourself, pr something special that means a lot to you and you give it to them. Eg, if you knew your loved one needs to do some traveling and they needed a travel card, and you have one yourself which is all ready to use, you out of the love in your heart for your loved one you are willing to give them your travel card. Willingly and selfishly with no other alteria motive or intent other than to help and bless your beloved with things that they need, or things that would help them, or bless their life. Gifts could also be things like a handbag, or a picture, or even money if you knew it was something they need.

Basically gifts are a way of giving of yourself out of the love you have in your heart for that special someone. These gifts are purposed to help and bless your beloved.


Acts Of Service

Acts Of Service is an action love language. Have you ever wanted to do something for the one you love ? for my beloved I love to do things for them, Whether it be dropping them off to work, or picking them up after work, cooking them dinner or making their lunch, writing and singing songs of love to them, taking them to placed they want to go, carrying their bags or items to make life easier for them so they do not have to carry heavy or burdensome loads.
It could also mean mowing their lawns or building a shed or hothouse for your loved one if they wanting to do gardening, etc.
Its something that comes from the desire to do things for others or the one or ones you love.
Its a desire to help others and ability to give the means for others to have a better and easier life, and enable others to have the things they want / need and to improve the quality of life. Seeing the other benefit.

Acts Of Service is not something one does to big note themselves or to be seen by others to boaster themselves or to look good in front of others. But the opposite, it is a compulsion within

Words Of Affirmation

This is something that is lacking in many many relationships. These are words which has power. From the mouth we can bless God and curse our neighbour, or even scold our own family members.
It is advised by professional councillors and some educators that for every scolding or discipline that there should be 5 words of Affirmation.
Words can either uplift people or tear them down, words can heal as well as kill. You can research the power of the spoken word by the many experiments which one may call weird or delusional or revolutionary. There videos as well as people you might know have taken 2 bowls of identical rice or 2 identical plants and put them side by side and for 2 weeks to a month they spoke nice kind loving and uplifting compassionate words to one bowl of rice / plant, and the other they spoke words of hate and anger and slander and abuse. What they have discovered is the bowl of rice or the plant they spoke horrible words to went mouldy and black etc, where the one they spoke nice kind things to was still looking either as new or not far off being as new.
The contrast was astounding and amazing between the 2 bowls of rice or 2 plants proved that what one says effects either positive effect or a negative effect.
The same with people, Speak words of complement and praise to one another. Words would be like, you are looking good today, you did a very good job, I like what you have done at the – – -, you are a very beautiful person, you are such a kind person.

These words you can even try yourself, try for a day or 2 with no ulterior motive, and without wanting anything in return, try saying to someone these words praise and not condemnation, see how it effects them, it builds confidence and self esteem, it reduces stress and worry, it reduces depression and builds joy and happiness and you become someone that people feel happy and good to be around. The best of all it cost absolutely nothing.

You are beautiful, I love you, you are so kind, you look very nice today, you did a god job doing that, you are a wonderful person, you are someone very special, you are cared for, I am so glad you are here today.


Tokens Of Devotion / Appreciation

We would also like to add a 6th idea of a language of love, that that would be tokens of devotion / appreciation. This would be something that you would have in honour or in appreciation of the person you love.

Eg. Lets say your beloved one gave you something that was sentimental and special because if was a gift from them, or it was a token of something to commemorate a special time with your beloved, or a token of your devotion to your beloved.

One example would be if you had a special time with your beloved, eg, you had a wonderful special time with them in a park, and there was a flower given at a time during the picnic, and you placed it between the pages of a book to keep it safe, and every time you see that flower it reminds you of that special time with your beloved. Or a letter or card that was from you or your beloved or from an event you were with your beloved which commemorates that special time or gift from your beloved to honour a memory or honour your beloved or commemorate that special thing that was done during some event or at some place, or something that was done. It could even be a photo of your beloved just sitting in a chair. Another token of devotion is the wedding ring, this is a token of ones devotion to the other. This could also be even when lost a loved one and the surviving partner still keeps the wedding ring on their finger in memory and honour of their beloved.

We ourselves have 2 rings on one hand in in memory and prays for something, maybe if you see them you might want to ask what they symbolize.

Tokens of devotion and appreciation come in many different shapes and forms.