Word On Wheels

Power Of The Spoken Word


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These words we speak. When we use our mouth and say something, anything, them very words we speak that come out of our mouths. Do they have more significance than just the sound they make for that moment or do they have something else attached to them ?
After all, if i just said a random word, or just said a sentence, once i have said it, the words and sound is gone, forgotten, lost, ceased to exist, no more.
OR are they ?

Words Do have power, as scripture says, out of the heart the mouth speaks. ( Matthew 12:34, Luke 6:46 )
So if someone were to say, “I hate you, I hate everything you say, I hate everything you do, I hate everything you represent, I hate everything you stand for”.
What is flowing within that persons heart ? It obviously does not sound good. If someone were to say that to you – how would that make you feel inside, and how would you approach that person who said that to you ?
If they were to continue and say that to you, you are stupid and useless and i have no time for you, you are worthless good for nothing waste of time.

Obviously by hearing that – logically the person hearing these words said about them would not leave the hearer of the words feeling good, nor would they want to be around the person saying them things, because its hurtful to them to hear such things.
So then again, the words have been said and the sound of them words have disappeared and no longer being sounded, but the effect of them words has had a profound effect on the person who heard them words being aimed towards. They usually would be left feeling down and sad and depressed and lonely.

But there only just words right ? or is there more to it ? could it be the tone and loudness or quietness or said in a different way alter the impact of how it is received thereby turning the hearer of the words away and have a low self esteem and low self worth for themselves.

On the other hand, if someone were to say to you, you are a beautiful / handsome / attractive person, you have beautiful eyes and a very nice smile, you are very cleaver to have done that and thank you for sharing that with me, and you did a very good job, i much appreciate what you have done, im proud of you.
These words if said in the same tone and same loudness or quietness will also have a totally different effect on the hearer, it will lighten their heart and make them smile and feel good about themselves, and feel better and more confident in what they have done, more likely to want to do it again to help and impress the person who complemented them because they have been given value and validated and have been given the sense of self worth.

Even in your own family and friends, look how it has effected both the speaker of them words and also the one who hears the words, the one speaking them words, whether there condemnation words or complementary words, both persons are either being elevated and uplifted and feeling joy and happiness, or both are feeling angry or depressed.

Your words have power.

As weird and as strange as it may sound, and honestly for many years when i hear people saying that they have done this following experiment which i am about to say to you, i for years have thought them to be mad, crazy, silly, waste of time, why would anyone ever even bother and its a stupid waste of time and absurd. Frankly i had little to no regard to these experiment which these people did with words. You have herd them that talk to plants and trees and etc, how absurd and strange weird people who are just – well – you know – flying with the fairies, crazy.

People would actually get either 2 identical plants, or 2 sealed jars of cooked rice of same amount of rice in identical jars, or 2 identical pots of rice with same amount of water in them.
These people doing these things would have the 2 of the same things in the same area of their home and etc, and to one of them jars or pots or plants they would speak sweet loving kind caring words of affirmation to them, and to the other jar or pot or plant they would yell at or speak abusive words to. These insane crazy idiots who are so out of touch with reality would literally talk to them things each day for a while, every day of the week for about 2 weeks to a month.
( crazy insane right ? )

But as crazy and stupid waste of stupid time as this experiment may appear. It might not be as crazy as it seems, and them people may not be as delusional as we first made them out to be.
Because each of the pots / plants / jars they spoke nice sweet loving words of affirmation to looked and appeared as good and as healthy as it was when they started, that or not far off from being as new. Where as the ones they were speaking abusive to ended up either black moldy rice, or healthy plant