Information Night Seminar                        With Question & Answers

Simplifying Modern Technology


Ever gone into a shop looking for something to listen to your phone while in your car ?

Then found out you need to pay for additional cables, need to download an app that you need to set up

Your  Questions

Ever went to purchase a TV and DVD player and wanted to connect your Play Station and Pay TV to your new TV.

But when you got home the TV only has one set of composite inputs and you have 4 devices which have the composite outputs.

What do you do ? Do you even know what a composite input even means ?

You connected everything up and you have a picture, but there is no sound.

The salesman sold me this but I didn’t need it. What do you do ?


Connecting a reverse camera to your car and nothing is working.

You been told something about Canbus and triggering and butterfly camera and something else, but you have no idea what’s happening. Something was mentioned about an app to reboot .

Tricks and picture manipulation in shops to make you view one TV image appears to be better than the other.  These and other tricks used by sales staff to make you want to buy one TV over the other because the picture / sound looks / sounds better

( amongst other things )

Help protect you and your family to better understand the ever changing advance technical information world

Why isn’t it working.        Why am I getting no signal picture.         What do I do ?

Some Common Confusing Terminologies

Bluetooth 2.1, 3, 4.2, 5.0, hot spot, wifi networks in your area, FM transmitters, triggering, priority switching, stereo, 5.1 and dolby & bg sound, aux, wireless dongles, canbus, repeater station, duplex CB radio, side upper and lower channel frequency, AM and FM transmission, Why my TV or radio pick up 1 or 2 or 3 channels but not the other channels, Static sound and Squelch, switching relay, memory cards, class 10, U class 3, R/W cycles, Charge cycles, resolution, clusters, loop recording, date stamp, DPI, phantom power, format, formats, feedback, frequencies, Batch / Serial / Model / IMEI / MAC address, partitions, low powered devices, wireless charging devices, chip set, HD, 108HD, AHD, FH0, Ultra, Micro sim, nano sim, SD card, memory card, Date/Time, Date/ Time Stamp, Standby power, timers, battery life, ribbon, 75 ohm, shielding, high gain shielding, FM Filter on high gain mask head amp with DB attenuation, electrical interference, Ribbon Mic, Condenser Mic, Dynamic Mic, Balanced & Unbalanced & Twisted Pair Cable differences, attenuation, 2 star, 4 star ratings, apps, browser interface, warranties, fit for purpose warranties, unable to connect phone to WIFI & Bluetooth devices, and visa versa, battery life, etc.

Purchase 1 item with 3 different warranties for different parts of the item purchased

Common things many of us use every day, confused ?  Confusing terminologies you don’t understand what they are?

The salesman said some of those things, I don’t know what they are – what they do – what there for or how to use it, but that’s what I got.    I don’t know how to get it to work.     What is it that I need to do ?

About  The  Presenter

With over 20 years in the home entertainment and car automotive Audio / Video electronic industries. From sales, service, repairs, installations, customer and retail services. In Home and work place installations and over the phone technical advice help line to assist consumers around Australia about their product installations and trouble shooting.

Reason for Presentation

I’m here now to break down these many confusing terms and definitions, so you know what they are in simple language so you all can understand them. What they are, how to use them, If you need them, and what you need for your situation.

When customers purchase things from retail shops. The True Needed Information the customer needs at the time of sale in retail shops all around Australia is not given, or they are given misleading information, or sold something to the customer without telling the customer how to use it, or baffle with technical information, and in many instances selling to customers what the customer never wanted or needed.

Customers leave the retail shops not knowing how to use the products they purchase, and retail stores do not correctly inform customers how to use the product they purchased, or do not correctly install the product as they should. Customer is lost / confused and not know what to do. Sales staff in many cases very reluctant to assist customer queries and want the customer to “Go Away”

I hope to bring to the General Public the technical information in a simple to understand way, to inform people what these products and terminologies are, so they can go into the shops knowing ahead of time what to ask and what to avoid.

So when you go to a shop, or someone comes to you with a “Something Is Not Working” issue, you can go with confidence knowing what to do, know what to ask for, understand the terms and what they do and mean.

You can come back home knowing you have the item you wanted and needed, and you know its fit for purpose, and you can be assure how it works and how to use it.

Not just sold something the salesman wanted to sell you to move some of their old stock.

Also to “Know Your Legal Rights”  –  What you can and can not claim against.  And how to potentially get your money back If the product does not suit what you purchased it for originally ( Conditions Apply ).

Free Invitation

Come to our information night.

2 X 30 – 45 minute speech presentations covering a few different subjects of interest to you.

Question and answer section after each presentation.

Break in-between sessions.

Bring along your own personal technical questions about your home or car Audio / Video media queries.

Bring along technical queries and suggestions for subjects you would like future seminar presentations about.



TV Set Up

  • S-video,   Component,  AV,  Composite,  HDMI,  USB 2, USB 3,  Optical,  VGA,  Bluetooth, RCA, DVI
  • WIFI connection,  Ethernet, Chromecast,  FM Transmission, Mains Switch, FM Filter.
  • High Gain Antenna, Stereo Sound, 5.1 sound, Surround Sound, 4 ohm, 8 ohm, Bit Rate
  • Series / Parallel Connections, Dual Signal input / Output. Chipset, RCA, FM Filter
  • 480, 570, 720, 1080, HD, FHD, Ultra, 4K, 4×3, 16×9, 1440×1080, 1366×768, 3840×2160
  • CD, VCD, DVD, Blueray, Single Layer, Dual Layer, Bit Rate, Bite, Megabite, Gig, Terrabite
  • CRT, Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, Ambient,
  • Data Card, Shared Card, Phone Card, Sim Card, SD Card, Micro SD Card, Nano SD Card
  • Mask Head Amp, High Gain Antenna, Digital Antenna, Dipole Antenna, Loop Antenna, VHF Antenna, UHF Antenna, High Gain Antenna, Yagi Antenna,
  • Installing TV’s and TV reception on multi-level accommodation, or from one side of a building to another
  • 3D, 3D upscale, VHF, UHF, Ultra, Digital, Teletext ( obsolete in Australia )


  • RCA, RF, Quad Shield, HDMI, VGA, Composite, AV, Component,
  • IEC C7 ( figure 8 ), IEC C8 ( Male Figure 8 Socket), IEC C13 ( Male Kettle Socket ), IEC C14 ( Female Kettle Plug )
  • CAT-5, CAT-5e, CAT-6, CAT-6a, CAT-7, CAT-7a


  • RCA, Din, XLR, TXR, TRS, Spade, F-plate, RF, Bank, Switching Box


  • Calibration, Rear View Camera, Reverse Camera, Canbus, Canbus Filter, Relay, Triggering, Reverse Triggering
  • Hot Spot, WIFI, Bluetooth, Paring, FM Transmission, AM / FM transmission, Frequency Response, Paring
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems, GPS information, Overhead / back headrest DVD player not producing sound
  • Single Din, Double Din, Head Unit, Bezel, Facia, Stacker, Amp / Amplifier, Remote, Remote Trigger
  • Speaker 4 ohm / 8 ohm, Passive speaker, Active Speaker, Power Amp Speaker, Sub Woofer, Sound Wave

Format   ( Files )

  • AVI, Mov, MP4, MP4V, 3G2, WMV, MP3, PDF, Doc, 3GP, Webm, AFS, FLV, MKV, Codec, GIF, JPEG, JPG

Format  ( Memory Wipe )

Clusters, Format, 32 Bit, 64 Bit, Government Wipe, Defrag, Fast Format, Full Format

Dash Cams

  • SD Card Types, WIFI, APPS, G-Sensor, Back Light, Loop Recording,
  • Correct setup & installation wiring
  • Why is it not powering up
  • Why my front camera works but the rear camera does not work
  • Why it is not saving files to my SD card, Missing Video Files on SD Card
  • Why it not recognise my SD card
  • When should I replace my car’s Dash Cam SD Card ?

Radio – Stereo – HI – FI Systems

  • Why it not play my SD / CD / LP / Cassette etc
  • Phono Not working / Scratchy sound,
  • Bass, Treble, Flat, Reverb, Echo
  • No sound from my radio / Audio System
  • I have only 2 speaker outputs on my system, but I want to run many speakers around my home
  • Simple service techniques


  • 3g, 4g, 5g Networks
  • Life Cycle of SD cards and batteries ( when will they fail )
  • Viewing on your phone what’s in your camera, file Transfers
  • Connecting my smart phone to my camera
  • Connecting my smart phone to my TV
  • Connecting my computer to my TV
  • Connecting my TV to the internet
  • Change the TV channel on one TV to any channel and still watch the same TV show on any or any specific TV on your property without missing a second of the TV show.
  • How to easily wire up any car Radio / Amplifier / Tracker System / Phone Peripherals / ETC without the expense of hiring a so called professional ( Who often install things the wrong way and not know what they are doing )
  • Setup / tuning in TV stations
  • TV has picture but no sound
  • TV has sound but no picture
  • TV picks up some channels but not others
  • TV image pixelating and drops in / out
  • Sound cutting in and out
  • Can not pick up AM Radio stations, or its static, or cutting in and out
  • Setup & installation of rear camera’s with side cameras & monitors, Rear camera for Caravan / Trailer
  • Setup and installation of a Stereo System, DVD / VCR / Blueray / Play Station / Wii / STB / Pay TV Box to a TV
  • Have multiple devices to connect, but only have 1 input available
  • Ribbon Mic, Condenser Mic, Dynamic Mic, Balanced & Unbalanced & Twisted Pair Cable differences, Phantom Power
  • DI Box, Isolation Transformer, Pick-ups,
  • Humming / Buzzing or high pitch whistling sound in speakers / power supply / units

Know Your Consumer Rights

Purchased an item but it was not what you needed / wanted / asked for

Purchased an item the salesman said I needed but it wasn’t what I was wanting

Purchased an item that failed within the first few days, or within a week of buying it

Purchased an item that broke down within 12 months of buying it

Purchased an item that failed just outside the warranty period


Bring your other technical queries about issues you have for a probable technical solution

Question & Answer Session after each presentation.

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