Papua New Guinea Crisis

A Call For Pray And Action

The people of Baiyer Lusuma in the Western Highlands Provence.

Tribal people in the highland area are hiring themselves out as Mercenaries to tribes who are at war, this is a desperate call for pray and action, these same people are growing crops they definitely should not be.

This information has just come to me today 24/10/2017, there is tribes at war for 20 years and are now at peace, but the young men are how hiring themselves out as mercenaries in other areas where there is conflict.

Please join with us to pray for Gods intervention in these guys decisions and actions.

We have been asked for support for a community building in this village tht they can use to run programs, and how we can assist these people for the salvation of Jesus Christ.


Come and join me in pray wherever you are, for the people of the Western Highlands Provence. That God will open ways for us to fulfill this request made to us, that we may bring Gods peace to this place and bring them there to a knowledge of and following and believing in their Messiah.