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Dear friends and visitors and fellow believers in the common faith in our lord and saviour.

It has been brought to our attention that so many people are going through very tough trying times.

We are seeing and hearing stories of so much pain and trials from so many men women and children, therefore we would like to bring to your attention to the prays request submitted below, though also we would like to bring to your attention the various situations which have been brought to our attention which we have both seen and heard from many many people. Please pray for the following situations and peoples.

  1. Husbands who are having affairs and cheating on their wives.
  2. Wives who are having affairs and cheating on their husbands.
  3. Young children who are in hospital who are fighting for their lives, some who have tubes coming out of their stomachs.
  4. Husbands who are doing absolutely everything in their power to make their wife life a living hell by continually never ending lying and slandering and falsely accusing them of unimaginable evils.
  5. Wives who are doing absolutely everything in their power to make their wife life a living hell by continually never ending lying and slandering and falsely accusing them of unimaginable evils.
  6. People who are stalking and harassing many people who wish only to be left alone.
  7. Husbands who are physically hurting their wives and children.
  8. Wives who are physically hurting their husbands and children.
  9. Others who are getting in the way to create division within the marriages of husbands and wives, parents and children, causing marriages & family relationships to be falling and breaking apart.
  10. The people who just fight and hate and kill one another and destroying the lives of others.
  11. People who manipulate others for their own personal gain, and others who are stealing from others.

We are seeing and hearing many many stories of marriages ending, breaking up, theft, people meddling in other people lives to fight and destroy, separating parents from the children who they love so dearly. Dozens of lives and families and individuals who are under attack by the hatred of others and many more who need our loving lord god almighty to intervene and help rescue the lives of many who are at breaking point daily, who many can not bare the burden and pain and heavy weight of the situation others have put them into because of hatred. People in fear of going home because of their partners / parents.

Please pray for Gods love to fill the lives of those who are causing pain and suffering, and in the lives of those who are being abused. Pray that they all may empathise and care for one another, and to treat each other how they themselves would want others to treat them, with love and respect, take away the hate and replace with love and compassion, take away the lies and replace with the truth, take away the pain, take away accusations and replace it with compassion, take away the fighting and replace it with empathy, take away anger and replace it with patience and love. Pray for strengthen marriages and familiesrr in love and faith and unity and faithfulness. Pray for the children who are in hospital and who are in terrible situations, that they may receive restoration and healing so they may live healthy active productive lives.

Pray for healthy family relationships and healthy people, pray for outsiders to not get involved with the family which cause division between husbands and wives and between parents and children.  



4 thoughts on “Pray Request

  1. Hi, im concerned about my wife and her saviour. I have not shared my problem with a website like this before, dont know if anyone will ever see or read it. I would like prays for my wife and her friend she calls her saviour. Our marriage has ended because of them 2 continually fighting and lying and attacking relentlessly myfelf and my family and friends. All they ever talk about or scream at us is about how evil and horrible i am and divorce divorce divorce. They abuse me and my family and friends relentlessly. They have succeeded in destroying our marriage with their lies and fighting. We ask for your God to cast out their demonic lying slanderous fighting uncaring unloving unholy uncontrollable abusive evil demonic spirit or spirits out of them. We ask you remove their relentless unending hate they have, their uncaring spirit. And remove all their unholy spirits and put into them both a holy spirit, a spirit that is loving and cring, a spirit that holds to and uplifts the truth. May they no longer lie or attack people, but rather express love and compassion and love truth and be truthful to all around what they have said and done. Remove their evil cold stone heart of lies and hate and anger, and replace it with love of truth and compassion. May they work with sincerity and truth guided by you God to build bridges and openly and honestly with sincerity admit to others what theh have done and work towards changing themselves to be more like you and reconciliation of broken relationships.

  2. Please pray for my wife. May god change her heart for her to follow god and speak the truth and share true love and not hate or lies.

  3. Lord i pray that the woman i married a few years ago no longer hate or fight or lie or slander and falsely accuse people any more, lord may she read and remember the words and things she has said and done. May she realise what it would be like if she received the words and deeds she has one to others. Lord we pray you take out her heart of hate, may you ake out her spirit of anger and fighting, remove all the hurt and pain and hate she has. Let her realise nobody was ever against her, open her eyes lord to see that the people around her were only always wanting to help her and love her. May she see that her words and actions were always only ever pushing people away because of her hostile ways. Lord we pray you give her a spirit of love and peace that comes from you,
    Lord we ask you change her heart and she seek you,may she be filled and consumed with your love. May you fill her life and her life be filled with the holy spirit and love. May you change her heart and the children see love in her, may her family see her shine with love that comes from you, may her former self of hate and lies be removed for ever more. May her life be renewed and permanently changed by your love and holy spirit. May your love for her shine through her life that she would be a blessing and not a curse. Lord gracious father we pray your love and holy spirit completely fulfil and consume her life. We ask and pray and claim this in the loving name of your son, amen.

  4. Please pray my hospital operation went well and that i will not receive any permanent injury or side effs. Pray that god will grant me a full recovery.

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