Thank you.


Thank you Lord God for our small Bible study group yesterday.  May you bless those who came and heard the blessed message and for those who understood the words and took to heart that which was read and said.

Thank you for the questions asked, and thank you for those who came along later who were also blessed with the message from your Holy Word and taken to heart what was preached.

Lord we also acknowledge the adversary was amongst us who was only there to disrupt, and to stop those who came from hearing from your Holy Word.

Lord we continued despite their continued interruptions that others got to hear your word.

Lord we ray those who wen the away wen the with a greater understanding of your word and will come again to our future bible study group, and learn more about your word and what you have to share to them.


May you bless this Lord and send your holy angels to guide and protect our Bible study meetings from the adversary so that we can share your message without interuption so your message can reach those you have called.  We pray that you send them the Holy Spirit to guide them into understanding what you have to say to them, and that you use me lord to put your words in my mouth that i will be able to again share your gospel message to those who come to hear your message.

Lord we ask and pray in your holy name, Amen.



To all those who are praying and are continually praying for me and that woman i married. Thank you all so very much. So very appreciated. May God bless you all abundantly. And thank you all for your kind and supportive words and sincere caring. Your love and caring and support and prays and words you say are truly amazing. Thank you, it truly is so very appreciated, i am so very touched by all your prays, love and kind words.

Glory to God in the highest, All praise and glory be to God.