Destination Mount Hagen

Em Rot

Tenkyu olgeta manmeri beten tok bikpela long mi. Mipela tok narapela manmeri wanpela wik long misinari wok long PNG.
olgeta manmeri kisim kam long tok bilong missinari wok. Mipela olgeta tok wanpela tingting missinari, na wanem rot mipela kisim.
Bringim buk tambu tok na bikpela laikim tumas olgeta man na meri, na halivim manmeri mobeta stap.
Askim Got blessim dispela wanpela samting. Mo manmeri harim Got laikim em tumas.
Blessim yu.

Tude 16/11/2017

Thank you everyone for praying for me. We will be talking with other people in a weeks time with a focus on missionary work in PNG.
All people will be coming to this meeting to talk about missionary work. We will all be focusing on missionary work, and what path and what way we will be bringing the gospel to the people.
To bring the bible and gods love to all people. And help people have better lives.
Pray to god to bless this gathering meeting. That more people will hear that god loves them so very much.
Thank you.
God bless.

Today 16/11/2017