The Husbands Love

Praying and hoping for the time when the ones we love will no longer be angry for the sake of being angry.
Praying for the time they will no longer lie for the sake of lying.
Praying for the time when they will no longer yell for the sake of yelling.
Praying for the time when they will no longer falsely accuse for the sake of making false accusations.
Praying for the time when they will no longer fight for the sake of fighting.
Praying for the time when they will no longer be afraid admitting what they have said or done.
Praying for the time they start loving and caring for the ones who love and care about them.
Praying for the time they can empayhise with others.

Under Construction 

Prea long na painim long meri bilong em na hop dispela meri nogat moa pait na nogat moa giaman tok na nogat moa pasin birua, na nogat moa giaman sutim long tok wanem samting.

na nogat poroman nau em wanem em laikim pait na giaman na pasin birua na suitim long tok giaman tumas.

Prea em gat laikim tumas bilong bikpela.

Prea masalai bilong got insait em.

Mas go nau, bateri stret.

Laikim yu tumas.

Bikpela blessim yu.

Lukim yu behain.


Mi nogat internet nau, mi mas go cafe long internet.


Battery charged now, only for couple of minutes.

Meri bilong mi lusim mi, em hetim man bilong em tumas long 2 krismas.

poroman bilong meri, em hetim famili bilong man bilong meri.

I hat moa long man holim pas marit bilong em.

Em tingting save em nogat ken holim pas marit.

Meri nogat lain holim past marit.

Meri poroman nougat laikim holim pas marit bilong em.

Tasol bikpela ken holim pas marit.


Heavenly Father, we bring before you and pray for Jenna, Lorna and Seng, we ask and pray for these people to no longer be afraid, no longer like to fight, we pray they no longer pretend to be something that they are not.
lord we pray that their cowardness and anger will fade away with your love, may their love of fighting and lying be no more. may they come to want to be with their families in Australia who love them.
Lord we pray that they know that they are loved and have nothing to fear or fight about, may they know the ones who love them only want to be there with them and love and care for them. may they know they do not need to fight or attack. may they know thee is no fear in love, may they not listen to those who love to fight, lie and slander and attack those who love them. may they learn to just be with the ones who love them.

Lord let them know their loved ones who who they hurt love them.
let them know that not only are they hurting themselves when they fight and scam, accuse and deceive, but they also hurt the ones they love.
lord may they know that their loved ones who they fight against do not want to fight or argue with them.
Let them know that their loved ones are only keeping their distance from them for the sake of peace, so as to not get them angry or argumentative because of their presence.
some are scammers, some love to fight, some live to lie. we pray you scam the scammers.
we know we can not stop them lying, nor can we stop them fighting or scamming.
we ask you lord to intervene in their lives, fill them with your love and your holy spirit.
lord we ask you take away their need and desire to scam and lie and fight against and antagonize those who love and care for them deeply. we ask lord that they desire to have an honest open loving caring supportive relationships with those who love them immensely. that they seek to have a sincere supportive uplifting relationship of respect and unity and reconcile with those who love them and praying for them with all their heart.
lord we pray that you change their heart and seek you lord, that they seek you and love you and have a loving relationship with you o lord.
lord we believe and know you can do this.
we ask and pray in the name of our messiah amen.

may they seek to rekindle a relationship with those who love them