T. N. T. P. S.

Humility – shame – repentance – change of heart – face your wrongs to those you wronged – eat humble pie – confront and openly confess your sins and crimes to those you wronged – not try justify your self – turn from your wicked evil ways.

Who these days can do this when they done such great wrongs ?

Most who confess faith in Christ will not have the heart or spirit to do this and will never seek forgiveness for their evils and / never forgive others – this is not a spirit of God within people to not have a repentant heart and mind or spirit.

For this you need to become a new creature – a new creation – to be born again – to be filled with the holy spirit.

Some people may have an unclean spirit within them.

Because of unbelief they will never leave an individual.
However some unclean spirits can not come out of an individual except with pray fasting.

Then like The New The Prodigal Son ( or daughter ) with a clean heart and mind and a new spirit – the holy spirit being born again and a new creation in humility come back to your heavenly father ( or a broken relation ) as your heavenly father welcomes you back with open arms and a loving holy kiss, covers all your shame with his holiness and throws a big celebration to honour you.

Why celebrate your repentance and a changed heart and turning from your previous life when you restore your relation with God ?

Look at it this way. You are The New The Prodigal Son ( or daughter ). Just like when you have not seen someone you love in many years, or if your beloved family member was caught in a war zone for 7 years and you have not hear anything from them in all that time, then one day you hear a knock at the door and you open the door and there they are standing infront of you alive and well. Your heart would be overflowing with joy, and you would celebrate their return because of your great love for them.

This is why there is much joy and celebration in heaven at your changed heart and repentant spirit when you turn your life around.