Seven Years

Seven years Of Separation.

We all know what it is like before samdemic times, when loved ones would travel or live in great distances away, or a loved one would be away on holiday or work for a month or two, or even longer.

Whether it be in another state or territory or country. The day of their arrival back home, and the time they meet again is a time of joy and happiness.

Loved ones who have not seen each other in a long time embrace, arms wrapped around each other, and sometimes even crying tears of joy for the happiness of being with their loved one seeing them again, knowing they are safe and well.

Its a unique experience the human race has when meeting other humans they have not seen in a long time.

Just imagine the emotional status of not being with someone you love so very much, someone you had not seen in years. Imagine yourself you had not seen your husband in 5 years and there was no determined time as to when you would see him again – if ever. This was the stark reality of many during WW2 that went for about 7 years. For some of those who came back home it was even longer.

Could you imagine not seeing your beloved for 5 years and knowing you still had to wait yet another 2 full years before you could see or speak to him again. such was the case for many during WW2. Husbands and wives separated from one another, Fathers and their children separated one from another . Many never seeing each other again due to the tragedy of war.

But for those who did return home from the war, those who survived and came home to their wives back at home, and the wives whos husbands returned from what could only be described as hell on earth. When they would meet again whether it be returning by ship at the docks, or via airplane at the airport. The reunion between husbands and wives and fathers with their children are full of exuberating tears joy happiness hugs embraces smiles. Overflowing with joy and happiness to be reunited back together again. But could you imagine the opposite ?

Imagine knowing you are going to be separated for an extended time for many years – imagine being told your going away and not going to be with the ones you love for many years and separated from everything you have and hold dear and special. You can not see or speak or contact your loved ones at all. Imagine it was all because of your pride and arrogance and sins.

Well this is exactly what happened to Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon. being told that he will for 7 years he will live in the fields and eat grass like cattle until he acknowledges that the Most High rules over the kingdoms of men and He gives it to who He chooses. This was due to King Nebuchadnezzar pride and arrogance and sin was getting so puffed up above everything. He was warned that he should turn from his sins and show mercy to the poor so that maybe the judgement to the king would be delayed and the kings peace would be extended.

But like most in our modern days, people of today, just like King Nebuchadnezzar, do not like nor do they take or accept good advice, but due to their pride and arrogance and sin ( John 3:19-20  For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 
But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. )
They just ignore and suffer the consequences of their bad choices.

Just as it happened in the book of Daniel 4:22-36 Nebuchadnezzar was warned about what was about to happen and how to possibly prevent this from happening, yet he chose to ignore this warning, and 12 months later the prophecy was started and 7 years later fulfilled.

This is one of 7 places in the bible where a day is represented as a year, and where a time also represents a year. Genesis 29:27, Numbers 14:34, Daniel 4:23-34, Daniel 9:24-27, Daniel 12:7, Ezekiel 4:4-5, Revelations 12:14,

Genesis 29:27 Fulfil her week – work for 7 years. Here a week ( 7 days ) was a 7 Year period of time ( day for a year reckoning of time ).

Daniel 4:23 – 25, 32 – 34 seven times, end of the days, hair grown like eagles feathers, nails like birds claws ( hair and nails don’t grow that long over literal 7 days – but does over 7 years )

You can read these verses for yourself later, but the more pressing issue at the moment is that for 12 months of clear rebellion King Nebuchadnezzar still went in his pride and arrogance and sinful ways. Although it was a gift from God, he continued in his pride and rebellion and sin, that after 12 months he had a 7 year consequences.

There are other examples of people suffering worse for their rebellion. Matthew 12:45 one sinful entity goes and comes back with an additional 7 more worse ( 8 in total – just like 8 years in total – 1 bad year brings 7 worse years )

This world is fully embracing pride and arrogance and sin, and sin has engulfed this world in multiple many ways. And most ways are treasured sins of the people, and community’s and nations. So much so is the total devotion to sin, that if I were to type them out and announce them here, most – if not all would leave this site and not continue reading on due to either shame, guilt, pride, arrogance, boastfulness. Myself included. but our sins are to point us to the Messiah. We should acknowledge our sins and transgressions and pride and arrogance, turn away from them ways, and seek the ways of the Messiah.

For nobody an save themselves in of themselves – could you imagine standing in a bucket and then carrying yourself over a fence and walk down the street while carrying yourself in the bucket ? its not possible. Likewise nobody can save themselves, this is why we need to look towards the Messiah.

Why should we look to the messiah ? well it is Him who can save us from ourselves despite our selves, ( like Dad helping his beloved child do things that the child himself / herself can not do – like preparing dinner or putting their shoes on ) likewise when we have done wrong, there is a reward for it, its called death.

Like when you break the laws of the country you are living in, and the punishment is eg, $1,500 fine and 3 months jail. However someone else pays the fine for you out of their own pocket, and they themselves go to jail for you on your behalf, therefore on the day of the trial, the judge would say, penalty has been paid, you can go free.

To a holy Deity who created everything the wages of wrong doing is death, for in his presence and He Himself is totally Holy and Pure and Sacred full of sacred Holy Light where there is no darkness, where if we are living life in sin and darkness ( lack of any Holy truth ) then we can not participate in His Holy Kingdom, and our rewards for rebellion is death.

But the Messiah has made a way for us to be there with Him. Because of His great love and compassion and mercy. He loves you so much that He does not want you to die, but rather He would rather you live and be with Him in Glory and Holiness. He is wanting this for YOU.

Two Bea Continued…