War For The World

Revelations 11:18

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

This would explain why there has been a weird smell and feel in the air recently and why the clouds have some very weird unusual unnatural cloud patterns every single day for the past 2 years

Extremely Important Video Below For Humans To WatchI still remember about 20 years ago that news was saying that due to soil degradation we looking a football field of fertile food producing soil every single day. Could you imagine how much land that would be in 20 years ?

However why do we still every single day and every single night without fail always have police helicopters and sometimes military helicopters always doing loops around the various suburbs of all the major towns and cities which has not stopped since 2 and a half years, go outside between midnight and 3 am and there will be helicopters above at some time.

When you see them helicopters, you can search online for different helicopters and it will show what type of helicopter it is and who uses it.

Why do we occasionally see spy planes with the huge big round disc under the airplane flying around the suburbs ?

Did you hear ? The metal particles they are openly saying they spraying you with is so small that it can easily go through the blood brain barrier, this means that it can easily travel through the blood vessels and capillaries and can travel through the paths within your brain and collect within your brain, and every other organ in your body. This would explain why high concentrations of metal are in the brains of those with dementia and Parkinson’s etc.

Have you noticed that there is a global movement where people have had enough of the government system of status quo and people are starting human grass roots movement of people to come out of the corporate world to create their own communities away from fiat and the global system, its new but its growing. There will be 2 types of systems, a corporate government system, and a network of a people movement around the world. the world is being shaken and ( some ) people are waking up.

Once people have been unplugged from the main stream media and see what is happening around them, they can not end up going back to sleep ( red pill syndrome ). The 2 systems are not coming together, they are partly strong but partly weak.

What more do you need to know ? What more evidence ? We are in a war for your life – your very life. The life of the species of humanity and all life on earth. Who do you turn to ? Who do you run to ? Who is there to support you ?

Why is August so important ? Why is there mass police gatherings getting bigger at protest ? Why is there dust build up on places during Saturdays ? Why are cloud formations in the sky like rows and rows of long sausage type clouds in rows along the sky all in the same direction ? Why are there like very thin evenly equally spaced lines all throughout the lengths of the clouds ? Why is there massively large perfectly square holes punched through days of over cast ? Why are all the clouds all around the entire city as though something has pushed out all the clouds from a central position creating like massive circular rings around a central point, yet the central point of the clouds there is no clouds what so ever ? Why when you look at the Bureau Of Meteorology always showing clouds as though they they reach a certain location and stop against a 800 km straight line wall ? Why do during heavy rain clouds appear to regularly have perfectly square rectangles push a section of clouds away on the Bureau Of Meteorology website weather map. Why is there such information from various sources informing that south of Brisbane residence are continually being sprayed with vaccine type substances ? Why are they spraying the trees and food producing areas with various metals such as aluminum and magnesium which is highly and brightly flammable and metals which is toxic for food and human body and plants and soil ?

Troubled times ahead for those between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.