Hospitals and mortuaries around the country are full and over flowing with dead vac children. SADS ( Sudden Adult Death Syndrome ) is the number one killer here in australia and around the world. As even church people are saying that they all have had their due diligence by taking the 2 c19 vac and their boosters and yet still people are getting sick and dying, they do not know why this is happening. There are strange growths growing in their veins and arteries and Myocarditis is in plague pandemic proportion, and people around the world are dying of heart problems. sports stars are dying while playing sports throughout Europe of those who have been double vacc, news presenters are literally dropping dead on live TV. Nobody knows why. They are all supporting the roll out of the C19 vacc and received their shots yet they are still getting sick and dying. Doctors and nurses around the world are seeing their hospitals full and over flowing with people complaining about “vacc injuries”, yet the politicians and regulatory authorities are still saying they have no idea what is killing the millions of people around the world. VARS are getting thousands and thousands of reports of people dying and injuries from the C19 vacc. while 53% of those administered remdesivir are dying within 24 to 48 hours of being given this remdesivir treatment while those who survive the initial 48 hours all have severe organ failure and organ shut downs – then die. They are then put on respirators and air forced down their lungs which cause damage to the lungs, then die due to damaged lungs. Why this happens – officially nobody knows. Those “conspiracy theorist” doctors and nurses who claim to attribute these deaths and organ failure to the world wide experimental vacc are silenced and sacked according to the glob-elie-adje.

Those who claim the Vacc is causing the deaths and health issues need to rest assure that those who profit millions and billions directly from big pharma have looked into the products they sell and profit from and say that their products do not harm anyone and and are safe. Heard from one source that 27,000 jab injuries and death in australia alone. Spoken to some who have felt dizzy immediately after getting C19 vacc, and others who personally known people who have after getting dizzy from the C19 vacc died 15 minutes to an hour after getting the vacc. Personally know of people who are now bleeding in No#1 & No#2’s since getting the C19 vacc. All doctors and nurses and all medical health professionals around australia will loose their license to practice medicine and face serious discipline action if they advise or hint or suggest any narrative or script different to that which the government describes, they are not permitted to submit to their patients their own opinions but to only follow the health directives of the politicians have laid out, otherwise they will be sacked and face serious disciplinary action and loose their job, and as some are facing jail for such things, and they are only to trust the politicians and multi billionaires who directly profit from the sale of your accounts and hospital stays and drug sales and mortuaries, doctors and nurses are barred from giving their honest opinions otherwise they will possibly go to jail, and they will be deregistered and no allowed to practice medicine ever again.

If you are in Queensland, do you need to rethink your home location ?

If you have been “vaccinated” then do not watch this video, just get your life affairs in order before it is too late