Divorced / Un-Divorced

75% of all divorces are carried out with women.

Have you ever been notified that your partner is divorcing you and you do not consent to it ?

Have you gone to the family court and they declared your divorce as finalised and that you are officially divorced on such n such a date ?

When that date comes and goes and your devastated that your marriage is over and you are a divorcee ?

Well there is a proven way to nullify the divorce. It does not mean you and your wife / ex-wife have to go to the family court, no.

You do not even need to notify your supposed ex-wife in order to do it. You can have your divorce actually nullified without even your wife / ex-wife being involved.

Just like how your wife instigated and went to lawyers and family court without your consent. You can quite easily nullify your divorce without her knowing. This does not stop her from being married to 2 people at once in the eyes of the laws of the government running the country. But legally she will be married to 2 people at one time. Which is another form of adultery as per Bible.

Due to personal reasons we started researching about this about 18 months to 2 years ago, and stumbled across how the divorces can be completely annulled, even if you were divorced a year or 2 or even 5 years ago or more.

So if you love your wife or husband and they divorced you without your consent and you are wanting your divorce overturned, then contact us and we can put you on the right path to lawfully have your divorce overturned and ultimately bring Glory to God and marriage.

Lets look at it this way, according to law, it can only separate and deal with persons or person, and according to the law, and the Blacks Law dictionary, a person they dealing with is either a corporation or a title position, or artificial person which are decendants of a natural person. A natural person is a primate. Are you a primate ?

What is a primate ? Chimpanzee and monkeys and apes and gorillas, etc.

This following is directly from wikepedia of what a Primate is.

Classification of living primates

Below is from Wikipedia

A list of the families of the living primates is given below, together with one possible classification into ranks between order and family.[1][9][13][14] Other classifications are also used. For example, an alternative classification of the living Strepsirrhini divides them into two infraorders, Lemuriformes and Lorisiformes.[15]

And the list just continues on. Are you any of these ? You might think, oh the last one has 8 species of humans, are you a species of human ? The legal definition is “Human Being”, not “Human”. remember a slight change or adding of a word on legal definition changes the meaning of a word. As it states, a “Person” is different to a “Artificial Person” or a “Natural Person”, etc.

You may think this is semantics and playing with words. and taking things out of context, however in the legal profession and in law, they do not speak the same language as normal speak, its called “legalese”. It is a language of words which are used with alternative meanings than the common people.

Eg, those people is not “those people” they are the “other party”. Do you understand me ? means in legal terms “Do you Stand Under my authority”.

Do you not see that in the word itself ? Under + Stand = Understand = Stand Under = Do you stand under me / you are Under my Standing. They are asking – “are you willing to submit to being under my standing of authority ? Are you willing to be under my authority.

One may say, oh thats all hog wash. When I say or anyone else says, “do you understand” we mean it as that you understand something, you know something. As in comprehend. But thats not where the word originated from, and in legal terms, that is not what the word means.

There is so much more we could go on with, but this is just to wet your appetite to see there is more than meets the eye.

Eg, the word Law comes from – “Land + Air + Water”, the rules which governed these 3 areas,
Natural Law = Land Law 
Common Law  = Air Law = Gods law
Admiralty law or maritime law = Water Law

What do you know about working outside your allotted jurisdiction ?

Take the 1841 case of “Rvs Bonjon” where the case was discharged as the prosecutor had abandoned the case. Jurisdiction plagued the case as the Judge was questioning his authority to hear this case as the “crime” and the “accused” and the “victim” all came from and happened in the aboriginal territory country of where they came from, and aboriginals in their own territory country had their own way to deal with it according to their own laws and customs. Therefore there was question whether or not the crown had authority to hear the case as it was outside his jurisdiction as it happened on the territory land country of the aboriginals which land had never been relinquished, still even to this day.

Think of it this way, Lets say 100 australians left australia and went to Papua New Guinea and they went into the highlands of Papua New Guinea in the rural area of Mt Hagen and built a house, a shed, a court room, and a secured compound which nobody could get in or out without their own keys. Then these 100 Australians made up their own rules according to themselves and some based on Australia laws. Then they saw someone who is a native Papua New Guinea individual in the Provence of Mt Hagen breaking their laws they had made up for themselves. They arrested a man for selling shoes in the street or someone selling home made food without a permit or a business license, and they had no occupational health and safety guidelines and they never applied for a food handling license, nor did they have any public liability insurance and they did not have the building permit to build their building, and so forth.

So they arrest this individual Papua New Guinea people and had them charged with a variety of crimes, and took them to court to have them tried for various breaches and crimes. Well obviously they would have no right to do so as Papua New Guinea at Mt Hagen has its own law and order and rules etc. Where these people were conducting their business was already under the Jurisdiction of the government and officials of Mt Hagen, therefore the case against these individuals in the courts the 100 Australians had set up has no Juristiction and they would have to either.

A) Let them go, or

B) hand them over to the authorities of Mt Hagen Government. Problem with this one is that the Australians could be in trouble with the Mt Hagen officials for what they are doing. So they went with option A.

Also within each countrys which has a constitution, there are things which the government can and can not deal with as so decreed by the people when the constitution was set up. Without a referendum, then the constitution can not be amended. Which also brings us to their Jurisdiction of what functions Governments can and can not do.

However in recent years the governments have been making laws and passing judgements that are unlawful. Example, lets say as an example the constitution said that the government can not make or pass any laws or acts or statutes or decrees which have anything to do with fruit and vegetable sales and transportation. Then the government said all fruit and vegetables must be transported in a food grade truck and kept at a constant temperature of no greater than 8 deg C, and any breech of this law is a $20,000 fine and 3 months jail.

Now the government has just passed a law in this example that “All fruit and vegetables must be transported in a food grade truck and kept at a constant temperature of no greater than 8 deg C”. They are also fining people and putting some people in jail for breaching this law.

But the issue is, them laws are illegal, they are not to be enforced because according to the law of the land, the constitution, the government can not make any laws regarding fruit and vegetables. Therefore the government itself is breaking the law by making them laws and enforcing them.

The government in this example is committing a serious crime according to the law of this government, and could quite literally be guilty of treason according to law.

Hence why mentioned above, you can become Un-Divorced, amongst many other things.

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Mandates are optional. Mandates are not law. According to law, According to those who mandate things within ACTS or LAWS it is an agreement between business and those who it is to benefit from it. It is also from the issuer of this benefit and for those who choose to either accept it or not, according to Blacks Law Dictionary.

In simple terms it is simply an offer. The word itself sounds official and as though you are required to do or obey something, but the word itself in law is simply an offer ( not man date, not man dates – a man is not going on a date ).

To put it another way, lets say you are at a friends house and they offer you a drink, you can say yes and accept their drink. They could offer you a plate of food with chips and twisties and biscuits on it. You have the free option to say yes thank you and take something from the plate, or you can say no thank you, or thank you for the offer but no thank you.

You will not get into trouble, and you will be none the worse for it, the mere fact it is a mandate means you can either accept or reject the “offer”.

Another way to view it is in the wording itself, eg, lets set a date, we agree then great we have a date we will do it on the ( whatever date time ). then someone else ask you what are you doing on the ( whatever date ) you say I am busy as I have a date on that day and time. you entered into a contract of agreement to date that person or individual or business or whoever or whatever it was.

Remember, its just an offer which you are allowed to freely and without predigest or fear of intimidation or repercussions either accept their offer or decline their offer.

Reference is Blacks law dictionary 4th edition page 114

I will not post the part of the Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition page 1114 here due to copyright status of the book.

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