New Vaccine Bank Card Linked To Your Bank

bill and melinda gates foundation

Are you prepared to join with bill gates genocidal plan to euthanized your family ? Video below.

Although I am not a fan of the presenter, his lifestyle, his behaviour, etc, not a fan at all, though what he is presenting is a new way that gates and his globalist cronies plan to euthanized and control the information and freedoms you and your family and control your spending depending on your vaccination status, as now your vaccine passport will be directly linked to your buying ability and bank / payment card, and it also can be implanted in you just as the planned rollout wanted in the 80’s except back then there was a push back against RFID chips and implants having information about absolutely everything about you. Except now all bank cards and new passports have RFID embedded into them.

You do not need cards any more as many who got vaccinated ( both living and dead ) many millions ( not everyone – but many as you already know and seen ) are already transmitting short and medium range bluetooth signals. Hence why bill gates and the vaccine controllers say you now no longer need to carry around wjth you your vaccine status card, because the “smart tablets” and vaccines are already transmitting permanently their signals which can be pick up wirelessly to tell that you have had said prescribed required vaccines for compliance.

Did you know in many western schools, especially in Australia you required to have around 20 vaccines before they would allow your child / children to attend. Did you ever wonder how it got to this stage that in order to get an education you have to get around 20 different injections, and some vaccines require you to get that one particular vaccine about 7 times, including multiple flu shots, this will lead you to require multiple dozens and dozens of injections just to get an education, despite the horrendous fact that many die from flu shots each year.

Also the manufacturer’s who make these injections have received multi billions of dollars in fines due to faulty and untested and serious effects of jabs on people, but government still say they safe and effective and want you to take it, they do not want you to think about the owner of the companies making then shots is apart of eugenics and continue to talk about too many people on earth and diligently working towards global population reductions to around 500 million ( this is equal to a third of the population of China, or a third of the population of India, or the population of north American. ).

Indigenous People Speak Out


In a landslide victory in Australia all 6 states have said no to enslavement and no to a 2 class system. People in Australia can go to bed and wake up knowing that Australia did not surrender its sovereignty over to the WEF Corporate indigenous affairs body which although having the words of first nations and toris strait etc in the wording which was a globalist registered corporation of globalist, it had nothing to go with over 300 indigenous / first nations / aboriginal people, who infact would have been worse off as although they were not consulted or represented, their land and rights would have been stripped away by THE VOICE body and sold / given to this globalist corporations for the mineral mining rights what is under the ground which they been after for many many years, and they themselves like everyone else who is not reprrsented by the globalist puppet mastrs would all loose their rights to the land they own and for ever would be forced required to PAY restitution by way of the ever famous “PAY THE RENT” to the indigenous first nations aboriginal affairs corporation owned by unelected globalist which you would have had to do purely because you live in australia.

Praise and give God the glory the treasonous VOICE referendum NO vote was successful in all 6 states.

Referendum – The Voice

Why are so many First Nation Indigenous people speaking out against “The Voice” ?

IMAGINE – coming soon

I hear this time and time and time again from Trible elders, Indigenous First Nation men and women across different Tribal nations across Australia. They are not wanting to contract with this “government system”.

Prior to it happening in 2020, has anyone ever heard of any country, or any time in history where they would inject a registered known poison into the bloodstream of people in order to treat a respiratory infection ?

Putting toxic technologies into the cardiovascular system ( blood stream ) in order to treat a respiratory system ( lungs ) Pneumonia ( lung infection ) caused by breathing something into your Bronchial & Bronchi of your lungs, where lungs do not have a blood stream, the lungs only purpose is to transfer oxygen into the lungs and excrete carbon dioxide through a thin membrane in the Alveoli. Thereby making 100% impossible for anything in the blood to have any effect of anything breathed or lodged into the lungs.

Coronavirus ( Corona – meaning Crown ) being a respiratory infection through what someone has breathed into the lungs, but not to the Alveoli Duct or Alveoli itself, therefore making anything breathed into the respiratory system other than oxygen due to the designed pathway and membranes impossible to enter the blood stream, and likewise from the bloodstream into the lungs other than a transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide through the Alveoli, then what would the purpose of injecting a toxic registered poison ( 2017) into the blood stream / Cardiovascular system in order to treat a respiratory Pneumonia infection in a form of a coronavirus ( crown ) which is registered as a common cold decades ago in the USA book of medicine, which has no access or connection to the blood stream.

Would someone be able to explain this methodological ?

The Voice is registered by “The Government” on behalf of the WEF UN which will remove the indigenous people off their land, along with the digitalisation of property title deeds and sold off to foreign global corporations.

It would also enforce a mandatory reparation payments for ever to the government “The Voice” WEF – Un organisation.

Why are the yes vote people feel so threatened by no vote that they are destroying all no vote posters and posting yes vote things literally throughout the city ? no no vote people are doing this to any of the yes vote property, but yes vote people are doing this to the no vote property. Yes vote people are willful destruction of private property, and they are also scares cowards & tyrants who are wanting to inflict misery on all people in Australia.

It is a re packaged type deal where only 2 years ago all nations were being encouraged to sign over all nation soveriginty over to the WHO. You all remember only within the past 2 years this was put before every single nation on earth to sign their soverignty over to the WHO – Yes, this is the same type of law, but it will also be enshrined in the constitution which automatically surrenders our nation over to the voice, and by proxy it surrenders the country over to the WEF UN WHO global organisations which will have full dicatorship authority over this country, as “The Voice” will be the highest authority and law in the land who must submit only to the other organisations mentioned above, at the moment Australia is soverign, and for Australia to surrender itself over to these globalist entities, it can only be done by referendum, and can only be done by changing the constitution to recognise this higher authority to rule over australia, hence this is where “The Voice. comes into the picture.

Heavely funded by the government, and only a couple years ago you would remember the australia prime minister Albo was very keen and made no qualms about voicefully admitting and confessing on multiple occasions that it was his goal and intentions to sign australia sovereignty over to the WHO a governing body to rule over the lives of Australians everywhere.

The government is heavy funding the support of the Yes vote, while all media and social media are being blocked and shaddow banned anyone who is talking about the No vote, and all the No vote promoted signs are being pulled down everywhere by those who are supporting the yes vote. We have witnessed many who are supporting the No vote have been physically attacked and assaulted and verbally abused by yes vote supporters.

Why is Struan Rodger and Arthur Roberts getting so well known internationally on the global stage for these days ?

WHY ARE Indigenous Voices speaking out against THE VOICE being silenced by the government and the main stream media outlets.

If it is a free and open referendum, then why is the no vote being so heavily suppressed and shut down by so many government / government funded organisations, Government is heavily funding the media and police.

Why are so many people who are supporting the indigenous first nations people coming under so much attack by whose who view surrending australia over to the WHO UN WEF as a good thing, even though bill gates is on record for saying that they need to get the global population down to as close to zero as possible and that they can do it with vaccines and health care. Bill gates is the 2nd biggest doner of money to the WHO – USA is the biggest funder of the WHO, and other nations are the 3rd and 4th biggest funders of WHO. Bill gates is on record saying vaccines is a great business money maker for him, for every $1 he spends on vaccines he gets $20 back. Does he have a vested interest in profiting from roll out of vaccines. He is also on record saying he wants to vaccinate 7 billion people. yet at the same time he wants to get the global population as close to zero as possible and a great way to do that is through health care and vaccines. Do you trust him ? Why was Covid-19 vaccine patented in 2017 ? why only 2 months before December-19 bill gates funded sumit 201 looking of how to respond to a global corona-virus outbreak pandemic ? why he say there is a few more pandemics on their way very shortly ? why did he fund a sumit a few months ago called Contagen looking at another coronavirus type outbreak

Does everything sound good and normal and above board to you ?

This is a video of one individual speaking out about “the Voice” below.

The Voice of Division, you will have to pay rent / taxes /
remuneration for the rest of your life to the globalist “VOICE” and they will – as they stated for years about an indigenous voice will take your land and remove you from your land, also in accordance to the “GREAT RESET” by Klaus Schwab “You will own nothing and be happy” all will be on a social credit system subscription bases for everything in life where you will literally own nothing, you will be given a social credit score and a medical subscription for life, implementation of the smart cities and the 15 minute citys where from country to city everyone will be forced to not travel outside of 15 minute walk from their home, and your money will be digitalised where you can only purchase things within your 15 minutes from home, and your digital currency will be programmed so you can only purchased certain items, and depending on what you purchase or what you watch or listen to – this will effect your social credit score and how much freedom / restrictions / currency you would be allowed and allocated, similar to the Chinese central surveillance system

The Voice is a Trojan Horse. 28 page document outlining its powers and authority. It will able to over rule anything in parliament, its only answerable to the WEF & UN & WHO

We are in step with the justin trudeau government who the entire parliament of canada only a week ago as of this message gave a standing ovation for a neo nazi for being a neo nazi during WW2 and a few years ago stated infront an audience that he had high regards for the communist china for its total control.

This first video is very old, and now this sort of thing is done on quantum electronic computing, much smaller than a human capillary, technology is now down to atomic size electronics & Quantum Dots, millions times smaller than a head of a needle.