What is an untruth and why do so many love them so much and continue to promote them even though its not true ?

They are lies – false – not true – deception – incorrect – fake – giaman.

Some say they are things like white lies or lies of convenience.

No matter how one may frame it, they are a deception – a lie – false.

Designed to deceive.

But does it matter ?

Lets play an example. Lets say you had someone close to you who you thought you loved and cared for and you wanted to make them happy.

And you knew they would love a real life one ounce gold coin, so you gave them 2 one ounce coin that was not gold but only what was looked to be gold plated. And you knew the reason they wanted such coins of gold is it holds great value and they could sell it in any country for that country’s currency if they were in need of money, also so they could pass it onto their children for their future.

So you give them the coins knowing the big problems and serious trouble they will get into for such a coin and deception. They may think giving the fake coins is no problems as they well off and having them coins happy and secure and they feel good about themselves and will not cash them in.

However the one who gave the fake coin claiming they were gold would cause the one receiving the coin to end up in trouble with the law for forgery – counterfeiting – trying to get financial gain through deception – along with a whole other range of serious crimes.

The person who originally gave the coin does not care as they have left and have no more to do with them, while the other who tried to sell the coin is in a whole lot of troubles facing serious jail time for many years.

Deceiving someone – although you may think its no problem for you and you get a thrill by making yourself feel better for doing so. The ripple on flowing consequence to others could and usually does have long lasting and devastating effect on other peoples lives.

There are people who lie and slander and falsely accuse others of serious crimes to authorities not realising and not caring the long lasting devastation and curse they bring upon them all because of their untruth.

Such serious false accusations have sent many innocent people to jail for many years, in some cases as long as 20 years or more. Or in other countries cost them their life.

Imagine if that were you.

Imagine someone hated you and started falsely accusing you to lawyers and courts of serious crimes which would financially ruin you for life, permanently scar your name and record causing you to never be able to gain employment ever again, and potentially have you thrown in jail for many years. And you were powerless to do anything about it, because they lied about you to the authorities, they lied about you to their family and friends, they lied about you to their work colligues, they lied about you to your family and friends and to everyone you knew.

You would not like this devastation to happen to you. The golden rule is to do to other as you would want others to do to you – likewise – do not do to others what you would not want others to do to you.

So why would you do such harm and / or deception towards others ?