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Video below at the 6:36 to 7:04 section states – The Bill & Melinda Gates Institute For Population Control – bill gates parents were founders head of the “Eugenics” which involved implementing programs aimed at reducing the worlds population – especially in communities and nations of people of colour

Seven Years

Ephesians 5:21-33 If someone touchs a mans wife then they have aroused a Lion and is strong and unstoppable, he will protect his wife. When a man goes to his wife, he becomes a gentle Lamb, he is gentle and compassionate and kind.

There is nothing a man would not do for his wife and children.

It took 7 years for Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon to come to his senses and acknowledge God Allmighty Creator of Heaven & Earth.

From his self centered narcissistic domineering self righteous egotistical pompous arrogant ways, to have his eyes opened and to embrace humility and to acknowledge God as supreme ruler instead of himself, it took him 7 years.

Many people have people in their lives who are horrible, terrible, abusive. Many of them are liars, constantly fighting, falsely accusing, wearing at people, continually threatening people, slandering people, continually perpetually abusing people. We have all known someone in our lives like this at one time or another in our lives.

If not then you are possibly the one who has been doing the abusing.

But don’t give up. There are times in the Holy Scriptures when people who have changed for the better. However majority of the time these wicked evil people never change, their lives is a continual rollercoaster of perpetual abusing and abusing and slandering and attacking and lying to others, and they never change. They just become old vindictive grumpy people. There are millions of people who hate truth and compassion, they hate with a passion righteousness and other people.

But don’t give up hope, there is some rare cases where wicked people have changed for the better, one is king Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon of the ancient Rome. Another is a Pharisee from ancient Rome times who’s name was called Saul. This man went around from town to town condemning people. However Yahshua Ha Messiah came to him one day and totally changed his life and purpose and direction.

Although most of the time it is impossible, just remember, there are some rare gems that in times past were horrible terrible evil vindictive slanderous insolent abusive violent profane deceptive intimidating people, who when touched by the hand of God in their heart mind and life, and come the most kind generous compassionate loving empathetic truthful people one could ever meet. Although it is very rare, there are some.

Remember it took 7 years after Yahushua the Messiah’s baptism for Saul to have his life redirected to have a heart of love and compassion.

It took Nebuchadnezzar 7 years in the wilderness eating grass before he came to his senses.

So just hold out hope and pray for those if you have one of them horrible vindictive controlling people in your life. Continue to abide by ( Matthew 5:44-45 )

Life of redemption – not always damnationdamnation

Dont give up – there is always hope ( Hebrews 11 )

When every single dollar – pound – rupee – yen – kina in existance and in circulation has to be borrowed into existance by “borrowing” money into existance. Then that “borrowed” monies had to be paid back with interest.


Think, If every single dollar / pound / rupee – yen – kina was borrowed into existance, and that had to be paid back with interest, where does the extra monies come from to pay back the interest ?

It comes from others borrowing money into existance, who they themselves have to pay back them monies plus interest.

Think, then where do them monies come from to repay them borrowings ?

Every single borrowing required repayment of about 2 and a half times the initial borrowing.

EG. Lets say someone went to a “BANK” and “borrowed” $100,000.00

Usually the total life of the loan the “borrower” would pay back in total about $240,000.00 ( give or take $5,000.00 / $10,000.00 / $20,000.00 ).

Usually its about 2 and a half times the initial borrowing. But remember, that initial $100,000.00 that was borrowed never existed.

Lets take Papua New Guinea for out literal example, WESTPAC went to Papua New Guinea and started business there, Later other banks came to PNG such as ANZ and so forth. Banks changed their name to BSP ( Bank of South Pacific ). Papua New Guinea (PNG) was basically a tribal rural farming nation where most people live off the land, meaning, they eat what they grow themselves. Any trade was in some places done with shells “Loloi” / Kina.

The “Banks” went over to PNG to tap into a nation which had the potential to grow their “Bank” business and make a lot of money.

How are the “Banks” going to make money from a nation which is based on agriculture and bartering system ?

Simple, like the fed act of 1913 in the USA, it became the only business legally allowed to print what is to be called “money” to be used to trade with. So the first person comes along and as an example, borrows “money” they did not borrow “Kina” back then, as prior the country which is now known as Papua New Guinea use to use a variety of different currencies such as the German mark, the Japanese yen, and the Australian Pound, then later to the Australian dollar. Later it went to the Papua New Guinea Kina in 1975. Prior to that the banks could have loaned out, eg $10,000 Australia dollars. So if they were the first dollars to be borrowed into existance in PNG and they had to repay that $10,000 with interest in australia $$. Where are they going to get the other dollars from since there is only $10,000 in existance. You may say they can get it from Australia, but the same problem occures, if the only $$ in existance, where are they going to get the other $$$ in order to pay back the Principle monies, plus all the interest monies.

In 1975 PNG started coining Kina. Same thing occures. If all you have is to repay is the funds borrowed, there is not enough in circulation to repay.

But this leads to another delema, Where did the initial borrowed monies come from since before the country did not have any monies to loan out to start with ?

Eg, you go to a BSP in PNG and say, I want to borrow 4,500,000 Kina to buy a property in Mount Hagen. And so did 100 other people go to the bank and also want to borrow 4,500,000 Kina to buy their own home or business property. There is no way the bank has that money, nor could it afford to load out that much money without the potential to go bankrupt, but the bank will not go bankrupt because it does not have the money to loan out. The bank issues the money to the Borrowers ID Name. So now the bank just created and gave out 450,000,000 Kina which it never had, and now expects them 100 people to combine repay 1,175,000,000 Kina.

Now remember, before there was no money in existance, there was no Kina before, the bank just invented and created 450,000,000.

Where is the additional 725,000,000 come from ?

If they repay the initial 450,000,000. Then thats all the Kina money gone and given back to the Bank. So now all the Kina in existance is gone. Yet the bank is still requesting another 725,000,000 Kina.

Where does that 725,000,000 Kina come from ? Someone else has to borrow another 725,000,000 Kina into existance in order to repay that 725,000,000 Kina.

But now there is another problem, that new Borrowing of 725,000,000 kina is now gone and never to return because it was given to repay the previous borrowings interest. But now the new borrower needs to pay back the 725,000,000 Kina ( initial borrowing ) plus 1,087,500,000 kina interest. This means in total this new borrower who has 0 kin, no money what so ever, neither does anyone else, but still they need to repay a total of 1,812,500,000 kina. So where does the money come from to repay that ? from someone else who is willing to borrow that much monies from a business bank which has no money to loan out in the beginning.

Now the bank has already made 1,175,000,000 in profits which it gives to its shareholders as profits. No money in its bank, PLUS someone owe to pay them back a whopping 1,812,500,000 Kina.

Does Anyone See A Problem Here ?

Every single Kina in existance is because someone somewhere borrowed it into existance with a promise to repay it back, and they used the money they borrowed to either buy a truck or a house or they used it to pay someone to fix their car or hire staff etc, and those who got the money then went to the shop and purchased food or paid someone to build a shed or fix their car etc, for a while that money cycles around the community.

So every 7 years we have a financial crisis, half the borrow money goes to pay the business for them to make their large profits, some go to pay back older smaller loans, and the rest goes to the bank as profit, while others borrow more money into existance to keep the system afloat.

Something wrong here ?

How to break free from this system ?

How to live a life where you are no longer having to work 8 hours a day and 5 to 6 days a week just in order to survive ?

Scripture says, when the son of man makes you free then you are free indeed.

Scripture also says, God created man to have dominion over the all the earth and over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, etc. But never does he say people should have dominion over another. Infact it says whoever wants to be great, let them be your servant, and it also says, He has come so that we would have life in abundance.

Is living from weekly pay cheque to weekly pay cheque the way God intended ? no.

Join us in learning how you can break free from your life of enslavement, and it does work.

Why is there military helicopters every single day flying in the air at various times throughout the day, both morning times, afternoon times, and even at 2 am, Why is this happening ? bell407 and black hawk helicopters

First they came after the

First they came for the communist, and I did not speak out
Because I was not a communist

Then they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me, and there was no one left
To speak out for me

How scary that this is only so true today in our day we are living in right how.

First they came after the unvaccinated, and I did not speak out
Because I was not unvaccinated.

Then they went after the trade unionist, and I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came after those living in ghetto high rise apartments, But I did not speak out,
But I didn’t live there.

Then they came for the Jews on their holy days, and again I did not speak out
Because I was not Jewish.

Then they came for the Christians, But I did not speak out
Because I was not christian.

Then they came after peoples jobs, but I again said nothing
Because I was already jabbed.

Then they came after the single and double Jabbed, Again I said nothing
Because I was tripple jabbed and in hospital.

Then they came after the children, but I said nothing again
Because I had no children.

Then they came after our businesses, again I said nothing
Because I did not have a business.

Then they finally came after me, and I called out for help
But by there was no body left to help me.

What to do when you are insanely in love with someone who hates your guts with every fiber of their being – Link coming soon.