I was talking to someone from Melbourne a few weeks ago about what was happening over there, totally unrelated to Papua New Guinea. He did not know I had been to Papua New Guinea, nor did he know that I knew anyone from Papua New Guinea, I never spoke about or hinted anything about Papua New Guinea, however this individual from Melbourne I was speaking to said Papua New Guinea has the lowest rates of side effects and lowest cases of myocarditis and inflammation and death and so forth because they had only jabbed 3% of their population with the C19 bioweapon, therefore thats why only a small % of the population are getting the side effects of the jab, this is soley due to the work of the church from the start and their health workers not trusting an experement which had not yet been tested, even as the vaccine manufacturers said themselves only a few months ago.

Due to the strong influences of the church and such a small % of Papua New Guinea men and women were injected with the bioweapon, this is why Papua New Guinea remains one of the worlds highest rate of non infections of “covid19″ – ” “Pericarditis” – “Myocarditis” – “Strokes” – “Heart Attacks” – “Blood Clots” etc, where as places such as Melbourne which is the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia, and Israel, These 2 who have the worlds highest rate of covid and deaths and strokes and cases of Myocarditis and Pericarditis and strokes and deaths in the world per capita.

Since Papua New Guinea is one of the lowest – if not the lowest take up of the C19 injections per capita ( only 3 % of the population ), and is also the country with the lowest rates of covid19 and lowest rates of myocarditis and pericarditis and blood clots and heart attacks and deaths, which is at current only effecting about 3% of the population. Also with the endless reports we hear from individuals who are unjabbed with the c19 jab are feeling unwell after hanging around for extended periods of time around the jabbed people who are suffering from what they call “Long Covid” – which is just another way of saying the jab is effectively removed a large % of their hemoglobin’s from their blood and feeling tired and run down and headaches and lethargic while they are shedding, and the unjabbed start feeling better after removing themselves from the jabbed presence. It could be argued that Papua New Guinea could be one of the safest places on earth. Especially in Rual Papua New Guinea away from city and covid propaganda.

Though many in high ranking positions in world health are now announcing that Covid has never existed and has never been isolated, and all the testers who are testing saying it is 100% impossible to tell any new varient, they are not testing for that and they are unable to test for that, yet unbekenown to them the media is every few weeks claiming a new variant in order to get more people to increase the update of the injections. following the money they are finding that the biggest promoters of the jab are making literally millions of dollars for people getting the jab, and doctors and hospitals are getting tens of thousands, and in some cases possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars for administering jabs and multiple jabs.

With such isolation from propaganda and fear mongering of media companies who they literally do own, And with such low update of the dangerous bioweapon injections, Papua New Guinea looks like a place we all would not mind living in. What is your opinion ? Although the globalist puppet James Marape who was heavily pushing people to get the deadly jab is no friend to the people he is supposedly supposed to be representing. We need more people like the churchs of Papua New Guinea who are standing up against the deadly injection mandates of the Papua New Guinea mandates and legislation, and saving literally millions of peoples lives. As of yet we have not heard if the James Marape mandate restrictions of entry into Papua New Guinea have been lifted or not. Otherwise entry into Papua New Guinea could be very risky to health and life with the current Papua New Guinea Entry requirements. If the Jab and isolation mandates remain, then it could be a long time before healthy people will be allowed back into Papua New Guinea.

Shopping at Mt Hagen PNG

The strange sensation while at Mont Hagen of being above the clouds – while at the same time below the clouds.