The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse of The Voice to parliament & the Dystopia Tyranny to follow

Reduce The Worlds Population

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Do You Believe In The Miracle That God Has Planned For Your Life ?

Bird Of Paradise in flight

Tupela de talatala tasol, Kukim bel insait long yu, Senisim laip long yu.

Askim long trut det long ples blong yu.

Pence: Its not my concern – Its not my concern ( Video Below about concern for the people of the USA )

Bio-Weapons – Have You been infected ? ( Video Below )

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Two Questions For You

(2 Dangerous Questions To Ask Someone Else)

Question No#1

1) If money was not a barrier for you. If location was not a barrier for you. If there was nothing preventing you. If you could have anything that your hearts desire. What would the the one thing that would fulfil your ultimate life goal and dream and desire to be or do or achieve or have ? Whether it be starting your own business. Whether it be renovating your home. Whether it be visiting a certain destination. Whether it be visiting family interstate or over seas. Whether it be learning how to paint, Whether it be learning how to play the guitar. If there was nothing that was preventing you from achieving this one goal desire of yours. What would be that one dream goal desire that you would want to achieve in life ?

Question No#2

2) How can I assist and help you achieve that goal for you ?

Have you ever heard ?

Have you ever heard someone say to you and mean the following ?

  1. I believe in you.
  2. I have faith in you.
  3. I Love you.
  4. You are important.
  5. You are someone special to me.
  6. You are an inspiration to me.
  7. You mean the world to me.
  8. I would do absolutely anything for you.
  9. You are beautiful.
  10. You are perfect just the way you are.
  11. I love and enjoy being within your presence.
  12. It is a delight to be with you.
  13. I would travel more than 20,000 km just to spend a day with you.
  14. You are worth more to me than all the money and gold in the world.

Believe it or not, someone already does think this towards you and so much more.


Passion Of The Christ

Hacksaw Ridge

Sound Of Freedom

What 2 to 3 things do all the 4 above mentioned things have in common ?

The Trojan Horse of The Voice to parliament & the Dystopia Tyranny to follow

Why do all the Aboriginal leaders and aboriginal people ( Original people – not Aboriginal ) all that we have spoken to and listened to all around the place are all in unison and unanimously against the “Voice” and are supporting the “NO” vote ?

Because it will be government appointed organization and it has nothing to do with the actual “Original People” of the land of what is known as “Australia” – Formally known as “The Commonwealth Of Australia” which is according to the 1901 constitution, are the people who live on the land which give authority to government to be their representative and to be in submission to the people. The Voice will be an organisation that rules over and above any and all governments and rules and organisations in australia, and to have the power to veto anything, and to dictate any and all people on this land to be in submission to “The Voice” and can over rule any parliamentary legislation, and is only answerable to outside organisations such as WEF and UN and WHO. The one thing about “The Voice” is it rules over everyone, there is no court of appeal against any of the decisions or actions of “The Voice”, its goal is to end all private ownership of homes and cars and business, and to implement a national social credit system CBDC ( central Bank Digital Currency – Australia got its Central Bank early in 2023 ). Plan to end all cash, Programmable money which can only be spent on certain items and not other items. How will you vote on “The Voice” referendum ? Yes / No ?

Reduce The Worlds Population

Kamala Harris just announced in a public address to 1) Public Health 2) clean energy 3) Electric Vehicles 4) and Reduce population. Reminds me of Bill Gates statement from many years ago he said to bring the global population down to as close to zero as possible and can do that with health care and vaccines. So what does Kamala Harris with Joe Biden and Bill Gates both have in common, they both Bill Gates, and USA government number 1 & number 2 respectively biggest funders of the World Health Organisation, they are both extreme strong supporters of getting the entire world population vaccinated. How does Bill Gates makes the big $$ ? he has investments in various vaccine manufacturing companies. He organised “project 201” just 2 months prior to december 2019 when C19 appeared, where they ran mock what to do in a pandemic outbreak. now they ran “contagion” where in 2021 / 2022 we all told the next plandemic will be much worse than the rest run of C19. With the vaccines companies stand to make hundreds of millions / billions of dollars from each outbreak, I’m sure they all have your best interest at heart, not to worry, they already built the containment camps in various states and territories to lock people up if they do not comply, or if you have complied but not up to date with their boosters.

Psalms 149

Never forget to tell the ones you love that you love them so much.

Never forget to show the one you love that you love them so much.

Both in words and in deeds.

Remember the story of the Prodigal son from the bible ? Despite whatever yo have done, and no matter how bad you have lived your life, no matter how unredeemable you may think you are, the love that you are loved is without end, You just do not realise just how much you are loved and cared for.

When you think there is no hope, when you think you can not go on. When you think you are a lost cause and nobody would ever want you or need you, this is when the deceiver comes to you and plots to doubt your self worth, and try and make you think that you are unloved and unwanted.

This kind of thinking is deceptive. Even when you have wandered off to a far away city and squandered your respect and pride and lived a life of debauchery or unworthiness, remember, no matter how far you have fallen, no matter how far you have wandered, no matter how vile you have become, no matter how much wrong you have done, nobody is beyond Gods grace and forgiveness, need to first learn to realise you fallen state and that you are in need of redemption or rescuing or assistance or help. When you realise you can not do it all by yourself alone, Gods grace is always there to carry you back home.

You may think, but what I have done is unforgiveable, you may think that nobody could forgive what I have done. But what does the Word Of God say ? Where sin abounds, Gods grace abounds much more, you can never out sin Gods grace when you come to him with a humble heart and a contrite spirit. This grace of forgiveness is in the heart of all those who truly follow God in spirit and in truth and in a sincere heart and mind. You are loved, you are wanted, you are a delight, you are beautiful.

Learn to forgive just as God has forgiven you. Learn to be graceful as God has given grace to you. Learn to cast of your anger and hate and spite and bitterness you may hold to anyone, as what measure you measure to others, that will be measured back onto you – says scripture.

Here is an example, lets say you have been abused or betrayed so severely by someone very close to you, or if someone harmed or hurt you so much that you may think to yourself, “I will never forgive them”. You may think, I live my life in peace and I do not deal with the one I resent, therefore I do not need to worry about that, or you may think, I betrayed someone or hurt someone in the past and I do not need to worry about that any more as it is in the past. But what does scripture say about if your brother has something against you and you are to offer your gift before the alter, reconcile first with your brother and the offer your gift.

Think of someone you may think of and who you may hold bitter thoughts towards. This is someone you have bitterness to, you have not reconciled with them ? is it safe for you to do so ?

If you do hold a grudge against someone, if you can not be in someone elses presence – whoever it maybe, that someone that causes you to heat up with hostility in your heart or mind, then there is resentment there. Even if you surround yourself with 300 people who you like and are at peace with yourself and others, But there is a part of you somewhere that deep inside you hold a resentment for, that is still there, you are not at peace with everyone, if at all possible, live at peace with everyone as scripture says.

That bitterness you carry with you inside that you do not deal with even though you do not address it, if you think of talk about that person and there is animosity there of some sort, thats the issue you need to address, That individual may very well be a child of God, and God could turn to you and say, with what measure you measure – it will be measured back to you, why did you not reconcile and forgive that other person who you hold that resentment for ? Can you in clear clean conscience confess to God that you are truly at peace with all people ? have you truly reconciled and forgiven all that have hurt you ?

Here is an example, Lets say there is someone who lied to you, who falsely accused you and betrayed you, lets say they stole things from you and caused you great harm and loss. Lets say they abused you in such a harmful abusive way that has caused you a great loss of freedom and so forth.

Are you able to reconcile with them ? are you capable of forgiving them ? Are you even willing to reconcile and forgive them if it is in your power to do so ? Why would you want to you may ask ? that is for at least 2 reasons. One is you are carrying bitterness and unforgiveness in you and carrying this with you when you come to God every time. You are asking and wanting Gods forgiveness for your sins, yet you still holding onto unforgiveness in your own heart and mind. Would you be able to explain and justify why you will never forgive that one person but you are wanting God to forgive you for all the evils and wrongs that you have done in all your life ? how could you explain and justify that to a holy God ?

Two is that you are still carrying that harm and pain and resentment in you. Would you not want to rather be free of all pain and resentment and bitterness ? You may think and answer yes, and say I am at peace with everyone. But are you really ? if you are at peace with everyone, but you still hold that resentment for that one person you never think about and never have anything to do with, but inside you there is a place where you do hold hate and resentment for that one person somewhere within you.

Here is an example, Lets say 10 years ago you met someone and you spent time with them, and they stole $20,000, they lied to you and about you, they betrayed your trust and they falsely accused you of many terrible atrocities to other people. They caused great harm and loss and hurt to you and your family. You have not seen or heard about them or think about them and have nothing more to do with that individual any more, Yes I know we have all had someone like that in our lives at least once or twice – if not more. Though if you have not seen or heard from them in 10 years, no longer have anything to do with them, you are at peace with yourself and those who you are around and yo udo not think of them, and you think you are at peace with God and have a Godly relation with God. But when you do think of that one individual you start to think of hostility and pain and revenge or other such un nice things towards them, can you reconcile yourself with such an individual, are you able to be in their presence without feelings of hostility ? can you be at peace with yourself with that individual around them ? to truly be at peace, to truly allow yourself to forgive them completely just as God has forgiven you – if you do from your heart truly forgive others, so that there is no resentment or hostility towards anyone, but able to share love with them.

Not because of them, but for yourself. God loves you and wants you to be at peace within yourself and towards all others. For you to not have any hostility or resentment to anyone anywhere within your being. Not even a little. For even a little bitterness towards one individual is a still resentment and bitterness that is within you. God would love you to be without any care or resentment or worry in you in any shape way or form. God loves you so much he wants to bless you with abundance, he has plan for you the very best, because he loves you with an unending love. Just like how a man would love his wife and do absolutely anything to protect her and provide for her and make her happy, so too does God love you and only has the best thoughts and intentions and plans for you to have a life in abundance. Whether you are in this prison or free roaming the streets, God wants to set you free, God has plans to prosper you and plans to give you a life in abundance, if you are willing. He is the loving caring generous father that you have been wanting and longing for all your life, if you are willing – will you be his child ?

There is no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, no river wide enough, no path too crooked enough, no path too rough enough, no power strong enough, no past too bad enough, no hate too strong enough, no lie too big or pain too strong, no injury too strong enough, nothing in the past too big enough, no created being too powerful enough to stop Gods love from reaching you with his love and grace, and if you are willing, he will show you his love for you in your heart and mind and in your life, so much so that your life will be over flowing with love and grace and devotion. His invitation is to you to bless you and your life abundantly more than you could ever imagine, if you are willing to and allow him to that is.

Imagine that you are a woman and a mother of children with a husband who loves you and your children so very much. Imagine that you have taken this man to court and you celebrated with such joy and happiness that they now are legally removed from your life. Imagine that this man is greatly loved by your children, and this man would do everything and anything for you and your children. This is exactly what happened to one couple in the USA, a woman who had children from an unknown man who wanted nothing to do with her or his biological child. The child only knew this other man as her father, this other man loved the woman and the child with all his heart and did everything to support and be together with them. However the mother celebrated the courts determining that he is not the father and he will no longer be in their lives. The court judge called out about the absurdity of this woman celebrating that now she will be a single mum with a child who they do not know who the father is and living alone without anyone to love her or her children. The man who this woman legally got out of her life was devastated and was a good loving supportive man that many others would have loved to have as a father for their children. Isn’t it amazing that there are woman out there that would rather be a single mum with no support and nobody to love and be loved by and nobody to love and take care of her children, all because she wanted her independence. ( link to the video below ).

This is not what God calls you or his people to be like. Unlike this woman who wanted to destroy the family unit, God is not like that, God does not celebrate or take joy in the destruction of family, infact quite the opposite. God like this man would do absolutely everything and anything for the ones he loves. he opens his home to you John 14:2-3

The destruction of family values and the family unit, the increase of promiscuity and removal of what was once viewed as morally and decency and respect removed, the changing of laws to allow such things has been extremely successful over the past 70 years

It truly is amazing that there are angry people who would rather have nobody to love and have nobody love them, than to have someone to love who loves them with all their heart.

The movie the cinemas are trying to stop you watching – Across the Country

June Tune

At one time or another have we all met and encountered people like the people in the video below – which one of the people do you see in the videos below most reflects you and your character and personality and situation ?

Black hawk helicopters flying only meters above single story homes in suburban towns, police helicopters flying each and every single day and night and nightly between 12 am and 5 am for over 4 years, police helicopters spending hours in the air daily over suburban homes in different towns in many metropolitan areas. Homes shake and windows rattle as police helicopters regularly fly overhead. Daily many white lines from airplanes cover the skys which last hours never dissipate but grow in size and linger as they slowly come closer to the ground. Regular constant cloud patterns covering the skys in consistency. Look up and see this daily and nightly occurrence, consistent unchanging loud tone roar through the midnight skys for hours in the early hours of the morning. This is Australia, check it out.

Calls To Sack PNG Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenok After His Slanderous Comments About PNG People

Could you imagine the Foreign Affairs Minister who continually represents you and your family and friends and everyone in your country and the country you love, imagine this person on the international stage referring to to you and your family and every single man – woman and child in your country as “Useless” + “Primitive” + “Animals”. Well thats exactly the comments reported to have been made by Papua New Guinea Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenok on his daughter Savannah tiktok video.

So outrageous and slanderous and insulting are these comments that there are protest and calls for his immediate sacking. Justin Tkatchenok stepped down from the roll of Foreign Affairs Minister. As of this moment Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape has himself taken over the roll of PNG Foreign Affairs Minister.

Something very Fishy in May, A very big Stench in Lae.

Quoting John 3:16 in Canada gets 14 year old boy assaulted and arrested by 2 to 3 canadian police

Young Canadian man in Canada in a Canadian public school where a Canadian flag was on a Canadian flag pole flying half way on the pole, the flag was flying half way on the pole for 6 months, so he goes to raise the flag to a higher position to honour the Canadian flag in a public school in Canada and was threatened with suspension for raising the Canadian flag 4 times a day, while there were gender fluid and pride flags were displayed throughout the school in every school room and on the flag poles. Young 14 year old Canadian man assaulted and arrested by police for quoting John 3:16 while walking across the road at a pedestrian crossing.
Suspended for 20 days. Only allowed back by staff but is not allowed to go to maths or religious classes and not allowed to talk to certain students in his classes at his non christian religious school. Arrested at 16 years of age for attending school which he is mandated to go to by government.

Man berated and permanently banned by church leader and forbidden from ever attending any other church ever again and forbidden to talk to or associate with anyone from their church and continually labeled as an unwanted leper due to not being able to QR Scan before entering their church service one Saturday morning.

Where is love and faithfulness

Help Me Help You Reach Your Life Long Dreams – Goals & Ambitions

Scholarships – Employment & Business Opportunities Available – conditions apply

People say you should follow your dreams – So I went to bed and fell asleep.
Stand up men and be a Man – Man up men and protect your women
Stand up Women and stand by your man – Stand up women and support your man

Where is hope and forgiveness

USA & RUSSIA are now directly at war with each other as USA troups / soldiers are in Ukraine fighting against RUSSIANS. Recipe for WW3 with Nuks ?
Western governments at war with its citizens
Holy Scripture says it dill be a time of trouble unlike never before just prior to his returne
Two of the worlds most powerful and nuclear nations at war with each other where one side is depleating itself of its weapons faster than it can replenish them – while the other side is stockpile of weapons and manufacturing weapons to last many many years – where as the former only has nuks left very shortly
Scary and uncertain times unlike never before.

Will we have a real life modern day version happen of Daniel 4:34a in todays world ?

There has been some people in the past who has seriously tried to cause me great harm and pain. However the Holy Scriptures says the following.

Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Why around about 80% of people I know are all having or had very serious health issues in the past 3 years have all had a particular medical procedure. ( the other 20% I either no longer see or have not asked or been told about if they are having any health issues since getting the medical procedure done ). ( This is not 80% of the people I know, but 80% of the people I know who have had a particular medical procedure done )

Where is grace and mercy

Its your choice, you choose. Its always has been and will always will be your choice. Its your choice to be happy, its your choice to be sad, its your choice to be truthful, its also your choice to lie, it is your choice to be faithful, it is also your choice to be unfaithful, its your choice to stay, its your choice to leave, its your choice to be honest, its your choice to be deceptive, its your choice to be a blessing, its your choice to be a curse. Its always your choice what you choose to do, its always your choice to say what you say. It is always your choice and nobody but God knows your choices and what you are going to do or say. However remember for every choice you make – there will always be a result. Whether good or bad, there is always consequence for your choices, a result one way or another. God is keeping record, can not deceive him. In all things do to the glory of God.

Some people choose to lie, some people choose to always be angry at someone, some people choose to remain faithful to their partner, some people choose to be unfaithful to their partner, some people choose to have pure lips, some people choose to cuss at people, some people choose to live with someone, some people choose to leave. There is so many choices made and people have to live with choices they or others make, your life is always about the choices you make.

Eg, in most cases men love their wife and children and choose what is best for them. Government’s can choose to do evil or not, parents can choose to be caring and supportive of their children, parents can choose to be vindictive and spiteful to their children, parents can show love and devotion to their children, some parents choose to corporal punishment to their children.

Everything in life is a choice, keep your heart pure and true and full of love and compassion. Do not let situations and events, or what other people do or say steal your love and peace away from you. Regardless of whatever situation you find yourself in, do not let it effect or change you, do not let their hatred or their anger or their lies or their slander effect you and your peace in you, have and retain peace in you, let your love shine, forgive one another as God has forgiven you.

Despite the situation, regardless of whatever situation, keep your love and faithfulness. Do not let the words or deeds of others steal away your love – joy – peace or happiness. Do not let them steal that away from you.

How you respond is your choice. What you do is your choice, what you say is your choice. It is also your choice to forgive. Why forgive ? Because it brings you peace. If you hold hatred and anger in your heart and mind, that is effecting you, someone could cause you to hold a spot of hate or anger or bitterness in a section of your heart or mind, even if the rest of you is at peace. Eg, I have heard from others say they will never forgive a certain person for what they have said and done, they will never have anything more to do with that person. Whoever that other person is, they not think about them or how it has effected them, but to the other person holding onto the grudge and anger, there is a bit of them that is not forgiving and holding onto spite towards the other person. They say they not think of them or have anything to do with them any more.

However like a little yeast in a lump of dough, it can effect the entire loaf. Imagine making a batch of flat bread at a bakery. Imagine a 30 kg loaf of dough you going to make flat bread and you wanted no rising of the bread whatsoever, however you put in one tea spoon of Yeast, and worked that into the bread. Although most may not be effected to a great deal, but yeast in that loaf will cause part to rise with air bubbles. Likewise when not truly forgiving from the heart and mind to truly forgive someone so YOU have no resentment or animosity or any ill feeling towards that other person, so with everyone and in all situations you are at peace, whether or not the other person has seeked forgiveness or not. Eg, there are some people who it is not safe to deal with or associate with, especially if they are out to cause you harm in one way or another. Many of us have such people in our lives or in the past where it has been very dangerous to associate with them, and we not encouraging people to associate with people who are wanting to cause harm, definitely not. But however for you and for your true inner peace in all areas of your life, forgive them yourself, be at peace and forgive them, even if you never see or talk to them again. Because you forgiving them is not for them to gain your forgiveness – no, its for you to forgive them for you to be at peace within yourself. When you forgive them you let go of all your hurt – all your pain – all your anger – all your desires for revenge, you let go of all your bitter talking about them and all your bitter thoughts towards them. Infact go one step further if you can and pray for them. When I say pray for those who hate you and those you forgiving, when I say pray, not saying pray bad things for them, hut pray good things for them. Here is an example, and this example has happened to a few people at different places at different times. One child of God individual had an evil boss who lied about them, belittle them, slandered and falsely accused the God individual many times, so much so the child of God hated their workplace and their job. What the child of God started doing was praying that their boss would be blessed with another job elsewhere which they would enjoy and possible better pay, etc. Instead of praying curses on them, they prayed for blessings on their horrible boss to get an even better job elsewhere, and within a month they hear their horrible boss is leaving the company and going elsewhere because they got a better job offer closer to their home with better pay doing a job they really enjoy doing. The prays of the child of God were answered and afterwards they got a much much better replacement boss who actually respected them and the company improved and became an enjoyable placento work at. So forgive completely from your heart and mind those who are spiteful towards you, pray blessings and good things for them and to them. What blessings would you like – pray these type of blessings to those who are spiteful and vindictive towards you. So much so that when you talk about them to others or when you think about them, that there is no negativity or resentment in youd speech or thoughts towards them, regardless of what they want to do or say or done towards you.

Let your love shine towards them and all others. May you be a blessing to all others. That they can be a blessing to you.

Strange coincidental statistics, do not read more into it than there is, about 75% of women divorce their husbands, and about 75% of babies are dying within the past few years before they are born / 6 months old than what the living birth rate use to be prior to 2020. over the past few years and currently there is a 15 % increase in the amount of people who are dying for no apparent reason, they saying that this infection that is infecting people dying for apparent no reason what so ever could take 3 to 5 years to show its true effect, 5 years of 15 % AP is adding up to 75 % more deaths of a standard year. Interestingly Bill gates did say that with good health care and vaccines we could reduce the worlds population by 15 % – ( just another coincident – nothing to read into this ). Bill gates has ownership in numerous big phara companies such as “Johnson & Johnson” – “Pfizer” – “Moderna” – Astra Zeneca” etc. He is also the biggest private funder of the WHO, 2nd biggest funder of the WHO next to the USA government. 75% what a terrible high number, Are you able to help reduce these numbers ?

Nuclear War – Brittan – Russia – USA

A Nuclear World War 3 looks like it could become a real life reality very shortly. This would be due to the UK actions on sending Depleted Uranium Shell weapons to Ukraine to fight directly against Russia.

Watch video below 13:10 to 14:30 – USA to directly attack Russia.

Watch video below 14:30 20:48 – Brittan will send Depleted Uranium Shells to Ukraine and the Russian response & the real global fallout for such actions.

Watch video below 23:00 to 25:37 – USA to use Cluster Bombs targeting Civilians & Children. ( imagine if the image they show were on your own nature strip )

60 minutes Australia now classifying Christianity as a far right extremists terrist ( deliberately misspelt ) group. Christians are now a targeted group. Queensland man was shot dead in Queensland due to believing in the last book of the Christian Bible after he was hit with a LRAD / microwave type device. ( Link to Christian Killing by police below )

Christianity Under Attack ( Video Below )

“This commentary will result in increased reporting to police regarding members of the community who allegedly hold a range of ideological beliefs. This includes conspiracy theorists and religious-related ideology,” the email stated.

This is a quote from a story of a murdered Christian in Queensland for his religious beliefs
Link below – It can now be considered a serious crime with fatal consequences in Queensland to be be a Christian

Would you give your life and devote yourself to the one who has betrayed you ? Romans 5:6-10 & John 15:12-13

We had a help chat program here before as you would be aware, unfortunately it was only a trial version without us knowing and it has stopped working, it also had some limiting features, we soon hope to have a working one up and running soon so that you would be able to communicate with one of our assistance very shortly.

Victoria Police repeatedly violently attack independent media and civilians causing multiple severe injuries time and time again. Victoria police are never held accountable for their crimes against the people of Melbourne & Victoria.

Local churchs permanently ban people from visiting / attending church due to they not able to QR Scan at their local church on Saturday morning

Please love our enemies, bless them that curse us, do good to them that hate us, and pray for them which despitefully use us, and persecute us;

Is it possible for a leopard to change its spots ?

18 March 2023

War in the streets of Melbourne as police continue to surround and assault innocent civilians and people filming – around 200 police and riot police assault and threatening and injuring many as police powers go unchecked and without accountability, likewise french police also randomly bashing and hitting random civilians with long Batten’s. Row of sniper guns on zebra crossing as what look like possible french millitary await for their targets while patrolling the streets of france. More tyrannical laws been and being passed by various world governments around the world to crack down on the rights of civilians grows ever increasing. 15 minute citys planned to be rolled out across australia – usa – uk with the elimination of physical cash grows by banks to move everyone to digital currency to a social credit score system. The war for man and woman survival to exist againt nwo and in the words of one elitist – to bring the worlds population as close to zero as possible. People are rising up and pushing back against the globalist agenda such as french and dutch people ( not their governments ). The nwo sexualisation and genetalia mutilation of children ever increasing liberal leftist woke schooling education in australia and usa and the destruction of the family unit of a man and his wife. This is a war for the children and against anyone in their way. Are you going to stand up fod children and pull them out of public and private school system and teach them truth, or will you allow government to dictate to all schools to educate and teach if you confused or feel sad etc then that means you transitioning from man to woman or woman to man and then counsel them through the transitioning stage and arrange surgery and long supply of hormone blockers. Even amongst all this terrible events in the dark places of our streets Gods truth is still being shared despite government goals and plans to eliminate christianity and the Bible from western nations. Gods truth of his love and sacrifice he made fod each one of us is changing some lives for the better, I honesty can say I have seen the working of God in peoples lives for the better touching peoples lives, even after going through multiple police assaults. If you have read this far then will you consider inviting God into your heart and life ? He loves and cares for you and like loving caring father he cares for yoy and wants the best for you. Would you be willing to give him a chance, he ws wanting to take away and remove all your shame and sin away and take it all upon himself, and to give you his righteousness as though you have never done anything wrong because he has taken all your shame and sin and put it upon himself because he loves you, and he has given you his coat of purity so that when Gos looks at you they see you as though you have nevrg sinned. Gead John 17:21-23 & John 10:10

Video above of a deceptive narcistic wife who hated her husband falls in love with her husband again after she puts all her anger / rage and hate aside and sees truly how much her husband really does love her. So to is God towards us when we put all our rebellion against God aside and obey and accept him and his ways. 2 Chronicles 7:14

. . . . Narcissist . . . .

Can A Mother Forget ?

Link below

Although she may forget – I will never forget you !

Just like there is absolutely nothing a man would not do to provide for and protect his wife and children just like an alpha male Lion in the jungle. Likewise there is absolutely nothing God would not do for his special obedient children who are called by him who respond to his voice guided by Gods Holy Spirit abiding within them. So much so that God showed the length and magnitude of his love for his special beloved children that even whike they were in rebellion God came to show the way and to open the door to shower them with the full blessings from heaven and make a way for them to be reconciled to himself and prepare a place for them in his home and pay for all their debts and sins and wrong doings by paying for them by shedding his blood and laying down his own life for all his beloved children who come to him in sincerity and in truth and in his spirit.

You are so greatly loved, and you have been purchased and paid for with a great price. Just like a wedding which cost a great fortune, likewise and even more so God purchased you at the cost of his own life. That he may be with you and to free you from your bondages of sin and fear and death, so that you may live a life which is truly free, so that you will have the desires of your heart, and so you truly get to live your life truly free and to live your life in abundance fulfilling the overflowing joys of your heart.

$380 Billion dollar GIFT to the USA

AUKUS / USUKA deal, USA + UK + A = US + UK + A = USUKA = You Sucker, Australia + USA + UK, deal for Australia to give USA 380 billion dollars so that the USA can give Australia submarines which work and interact with the USA submarine systems, and is run and operated by the USA, in 10 to 20 or 40 years from now the USA will have a couple submarines run and operated by the USA sailors which will be apart of the extended USA marine fleet. Australia will pay USA 380 Billion dollars for them to do this, in return – nothing really, that’s the deal brokered between Australia and the UK and the USA. Yes thats it, Australia will give the USA 380 billion dollars for USA to maybe give Australia a couple submarines in 10 to 40 years from from now which will have USA systems and run by USA sailors on board and run all the operations and functions of the submarines, but in name only will it be called possibly an Australian submarine, even though it could be built in the USA with USA technology systems and operated by the USA and interacting with the USA systems. So basically it is just an expansion of the USA naval fleet service. though the technology will be about 20 to 40 years out of date by the time “Australia” receives the subs.

Could you imagine what alternative that money could be used for ? That is about $15,000 for each and every single man and woman and child and baby in Australia. If you are a family with a husband and wife and 3 children,

That’s $75,000 for that family.

Channel 10 “The Project” mocking Jesus laughing at molesting Jesus sexually. Abominations. Revolting. Disgusting.

Ukraine 2022 – Vietnam 2.0 – 1 November 1955 – 30 April 1975

Australia gave Ukraine $700 million dollar gifts so far

Just imagine what $700 million could do here in Australia.

Alternative uses for $700 million

100,000 homeless get $7,000 each

Pensioners / retired people get $500 each

Many thousands of free low cost accommodation for those in need

350 million meals for the needy ( equivalent to 3,500 free meals to each and every single homeless individuals )

Many thousands of free scholarships

May thousands of 0% interest free loans

3,500 people full time jobs for 5 years

3,500 people full time jobs for 5 years

Free gift of $500 to each and every single employed and unemployed individual in Australia

Given every single Man – Woman – Child – Baby in Australia around $30 each

Given every single Man – Woman – Child – Baby in New Zealand around $175 each

What alternatives could you think of if you were given a free gift of $700 million dollars ?

New medical words from Doctor since 2020, video below.

Nuclear War Almost Virtually Inevitable

This is only one of many different news reporters saying the exact same thing.

Zelenski & Other western leaders speaking about wanting nuclear war and to create a WW3 in Ukraine. Talks are heightening about Ukraine to join NATO which is to enact article 5 of the Nato agreement. This will create a global nuclear war.

Smart City Boundaries already set around some towns in Queensland

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As we have said for many decades, if you destroy the family – you destroy the community, if you destroy the community – you destroy the nation.

If you build and strengthen the family you build and strengthen the community – if you build and strengthen the community then you build and strengthen the nation.

Always look for ways to support and encourage one another, look for ways to bless each other and to be a blessing for one another. Think about it, you have always heard the old saying “monkey see – monkey do” and that people are a product of their environment, this is true to an extent. Eg, Imagine growing up in a home where one or both parents are abusive / lying / aggressive, etc, then the child sees them characteristics of the parent and learns them from their parent/s, so when later in life when they grow up they practice the same things that their Dad / Mum did or said to one another or to the children. If the parent was a constant liar, then the child learns lying is acceptable and a way to live life and will start lying in their later life, if their parent is abusive and controlling, then the child will most likely grow up with them same characteristics. Likewise if the child grew up with love and empathy, then the child when they grow up will also most likely be loving and empathetic to others. If the child was brought up where there was a lot of joy and happiness and lot of live music at home, they are more than likely going to be involved in some way in the music industry.

For too long too many people are living in fear, whether it be a fear of heights, or spiders, or fear of failure, or fear of what someone else would think of them, or fear someone may call them out if they stick out too far, fear that someone may find out that they are not as brave or strong as they make out to be, others have a fear of public speaking or getting their photo taken.

Where is your voice ? True love conquers all fear. There is no fear in love.

Picture this scenario, there is a 10 story building and it is all completely alight and on fire, there is flames and smoke billowing from every side and every window of the building, the radiant heat is so very intense and so strong that people from across the street can feel the radiant heat very intensely. People are running out and evacuating the building, nobody is going in because it is so hot anywhere near the building and flames and smoke is everywhere. First thought would be that you would not want to be anywhere near that place. Just imagine that you are watching this place on fire and you got a call from your son or daughter or wife and you heard them saying words that cut you deep with shock, your beloved son or daughter or wife tells you that they are in the 7th floor in the very building you are looking at that is ablaze on fire and they can not get out because the door is jammed and they are stuck inside. All of a sudden the flames and heat is irrelevant, you realise nobody is going into the fire to rescue your beloved. So what would you do, the fear of the fire is no longer there, you have over come your fear of the fire, and the love you have for your son or daughter or wife over rides your fear and you are now so eager to go into the fire and to go up the 7 flights of stairs of a building on fire in order to rescues your beloved family member, because your love for your beloved has over ridden the fear. Your true love concurred your fear. The same thing would happen if your precious child was to wander onto the street of a busy road, your fear would no longer be there but the love and devotion to your beloved will conquer all your fears you may have in order to save and protect the one you love, once again, true love conquers all fear.

So if you are in fear, then you are in bondage to your fear, you are a prisoner of your fear, you are unable to be yourself or do the things you really want to do to help and bless others as you are so grip with fear, what if I stuff up – what will they think of me if they see me doing this – what will happen if I failed and others see me fail – terrified of public speaking as people are looking at me, etc. Find your voice, find your courage, True love comes from God, true love is when you would put the well being and betterment and desires of others ahead of the will and desires of your own.

If you truly devote yourself to God, and put the love and desires and will of others ahead of that of the desires of your own, this is a form of love, when you venture into places of uncomfortable where you expose yourself in being vunerable and exposing your vulnerabilities, then you can start to love and over come your fears. Do all in the glory and power of Messiah, as Scripture says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and true love cast out all fear, and there is no fear in love, and fear is bondage to death. Find your voice, speak up for what is right and true, even if it causes you to fear, stand up and be brave in the truth of Messiah, If you truly devote yourself to God, then you truly can do all things through Christ who will and does strengthen and equips us to do and be things we never thought we possibly could do. True Love Truly Conquers All Fear.

Too many times we have seen many people devoted to absolutely destroying families, and the video below shows about how government policy is hell bent on destroying families and the lives of those in the family – just as the australian government has planned for many years through using the family court of australia. And look how destruction of the family unit has had a devastating long lasting impact on australia. The country is in a mess in many ways, yet it was a strong prosperous nation many many decades ago when Australia had a strong secured devoted family unit. A husband and wife and some children devoted to one another. Divorce rates sky rocketing, family break ups and breakdowns, meaningless corrupted relations and encounters, unfaithfulness everywhere, lies and deceitt as apart of normal daily life in family and business and work life. And the fruit thereof is a collapsing seld destructive nation falling in on itself. Solution is God 2 Chronicles 7:14 & Psalms 149.

Everyone who is on the left all standing with Ukraine and the woke agenda and crt taught in schools nation wide. Has anyone investigated and know what the Ukrainian gov and people according to their laws what happens if you were a crt woke pride march person in Ukraine ? Over there capital punishment. Also does anyone know who runs and controls the ukrainian government, and what happened between 1945 and 2023 ? ?

Digital ID now coming to You – In the USA, Australia 01/11/2022, UK 01/03/2023. and many other countries throughout the world. Some places already have “Smart Cities” & the 15 minute Smart Cities where you can only travel 15 minutes from your home.

If governments have their way, you will no longer be able to travel more than 15 minutes from your home, you will not be owning your own car, and everyone will be using driverless smart city vehicles as which has already been rolled out in some states and citys.

Food prices will continue to rise from 2021 till they become unaffordable and people will all be put on a UBI ( Universal Basic Income ) Credit system based on behaviour of the individual as what is used in China, Digitalisation rollout and your digital ID and Digital wallet become an every day part of life where you will need to use your digital wallet in order to be able to interact within modern life & and your digital carbon footprint to create your Credit score as to whether or not you are allocated your UBI. This is no longer science fiction as Smart Cities has already been rolled out in test piolet test citys around the world in various different countries already. NSW / VIc / SA are 3 states in Australia where rollouts have already started and implemented in one form or another, where as the layout for Greater Sydney city map has already been drawn up in 2022 yet not implemented, however in parts of the UK it has already been rolled out in some sections of the city. Melbourne is a starter city where entire buildings are dedicated to PODS – places where people only rent a pod to sleep, and they live their lives outside. planned rollout of POD living is suspected to grow in Melbourne and the rest of Australia as demand for POD living grows.

Video of planned derailment fire lasted many days as news broadcasters in USA talking about alien invasion, YES USA main stream news broadcasters talking about alien invasion, We predicted this would be on main news reports 2 years ago – how did we know ?

Imagine – use your imagination – just think if the video below was somewhat a song that God would think about YOU who is reading this message and watching the video.

Does not matter whether you are in a city or suburb or small town or even if you are living in the bush, or some remote deserted place, the song of Gods love and devotion and faithlessness will always be there. Just as the story of The Prodigal Son.

You can be The Prodigal Son / Daughter.

I would like you to imagine that there was a “prince charming” from a far away land who knew where you lived in a small shack of a place & they knea everything about you, your strengths and your weaknesses, your good things and your flaws ( sorgy – bot you do have them – you have to have them – its apart of being human ). Just imagine this “prince charming” who knew everything about you, and you being you – your true self is who they loved and adored – warts and all. Imaging its your flaws and vulnerabilities which they loved about the most, your insecurities and imperfections and compassion which draws them to you. Imagine they would travel thousands and thousands of km and thousands and thousands of dollars just to be with you. Imagine they opened up their home to you. Imagine thry prepared a place in their home for you. Imagine that whatever you needed or wanted – they would get for you and give you. Imagine someone who would give you whatever your heart desired that was wlthin their capability to give to you. Imagine someone willing to even marry you and devote their entire life to ensuge your happiness and protection and to ensure your fulfilment in life. Imagine this one person would do anything for you regardless the cost to themselves. Imagine this is someone you hate and lied about and abused and slandered and lied about. Imagine this was someone you wanted nothing to do with. Imagine if this individual knew you hated them so much. Imagine they knew that you wanted nothing to do with them, However this individual still loves you despite your life of rebellion against them. If you push them away, they wilk know to keep their distance fron you and stay away as to not upset you. Bur like the Prodigal Son story, they wilk still wait for their beloved son to repent and confess their sins and come home.

The latest man of sin in Rome has died.

If you do not believe in God, God believes in you. Regardless if you believe God exist or not, it does not change the fact that God does exist. Its like you may not believe that the WEF and WHO and UN are directing global leaders. You may not know or acknowledge that Bill gates the 2nd biggest funder of the WHO, does not change the fact he is the 2nd biggest funder of the WHO next to the USA and UK, even if you do not believe in it, or acknowledge it as a thing, it does not mean that its not so.

What we believe or think to be so does not change the fact that if the facts are opposite to what we think. Eg, someone may genuinely believe that father christmas and the easter bunny and tooth fairy are real as real can be. Although they may believe that with all sincerity, although they have their reasons for believing it, does not necessarily make it so.

In the exact same way, you may not think you are a beautiful and special person who is loved and cares for so very much, you may in your mind truly believe you are not someone special or beautiful, and you may believe that there is nobody out there who loves you so much. You may even believe that nobody would think anything special about you, such as, imagine someone would be willing to give their life for the life of yours. You may not think anyone would think that you are so special that they would if needed would even sacrifice their own life so that you can live.

But I am going to tell you something different, You are beautiful, you are special, you are loved, and you are cared for very much. You who is reading this now may think, yes I know all that, but that is not me, you may not think or feel that this is about you, you may think this is just a story about someone else. But it is not about someone else, but this is about YOU. This is truly about you who are reading this message. You may think, I am of nobody special, I am a small fry in the bigger story of things and in life, nobody worry’s and is concerned about me.

But I am here to tell you otherwise. Whether you are in the city or suburbs or country or living in a bush away from modern life and all the hustle and bustle of life, You are truly loved, you reading this message, you are truly cared for, you are someone who is beautiful, you are someone who someone else values so much. You are treasured and valued so very much. There is someone who when they see you or think of you their heart beats and flutters and cares and loves you so very much, you may not know of them, you may not think anyone could think or feel that way about you, but thats your thoughts and beliefs.

Let me give you an example. Lets say there is a man and a woman. The woman may care nothing about the man and think he is not worth her time and she does not like him and thinks that what the man is feeling towards her is not real and is only a joke. But that is what she thinks in her own mind only, the reality is very different. She may hate herself and her life and how her life has become. However that man – to that man – this woman is a beautiful woman, a special woman, a valuable woman. To this man he would do anything and give anything for her to be happy and safe, and for her to have what she needs.

She may think this is not so and do anything to get rid of him out of her life, but not realise that the love the man has for her is more than she could ever imagine. This man loves this woman so much more, so much so that he would willingly lay down his own life for this woman to protect her and / or to get her what she needs, because he loves her so very much.

You may think, nice story but such a guy does not exist for me. I am telling you that this is not the case. That there is someone who truly does love you and care for you so very much and who is willing and would give his life to protect you and to provide for your needs.

This is regardless of what you think or feel or believe, because it is someone else who thinks you are beautiful, who believes you are someone so very special, someone rlse who values you and cherishes you so very much. They love and cherish you so much that they would be willing to give their own life for you.

This is how loved and cherished and special you are, whether you think it or believe it or not.

Story Time of Raihau & Lisa – The Saga Continues – Link towards bottom of the page

I would like to share with you a little story. On this page it might look long, but I am just starting to type it right now.

It starts with me taking you on a little story adventure, you could even put yourself in the story if you would like, picture yourself as one of the characters, although this story is not based on anyone, or taken from any real life or fictional story of anything before, but its a story none the less.

Everything in this story is fictional ( fake – not real – made up ).

But I do hope it is a meaningful story and a story that people can relate to.

If at all if anything in this story sounds like something from another story you have heard of or similar to what you or someone else has gone through or experienced, or similar to something in the past – present or future, including names – dates or places, it is all coincident and not intended.

Ok now we got that out of the way lets get on with the story.

This is a story about a man named Hendry, he was a simple country man, lived on his land in a wooden hut simply made with his own 2 hands from materials he had gathered from the woods which he lived next to. He would grow his own food and raise his own cows and chickens with his wife and 3 young children, Their names were Lisa, Loraine and Laura. They were named after the mother of both Hendry and his wife Harriette. They were farmers living off the land and lived a simple life, but it was a hard life, though it was an enjoyable life.

The family learned about life from the farm, and how they were raised reading the bible and going to church on the weekend. And from Muppet who was a surrogate teacher who taught the town children from his home barnyard which me made into a make shift classroom.

Lisa being the eldest of the three children dreamed about city life and making it big in the city. Loraine being the middle child wanted to marry Terry who was the towns handyman. He would often fix various farm equipment and occasionally the towns peoples cars if needed. He was a popular young man. Then Laura the youngest wanted to remain on the farm and live life on the farm. Laura never had any desires to go to the big city or to get married and settle down, farm life with all the animals and farm chores what was enough to satisfy her and fulfil her life.

Lisa when she became 23 decided it was her time to go to the city and and discover the adventure life she had been dreaming about all her life. She had been in the city once before when she was 15 when she went to stay with a friend from school during the summer holidays. However her old school friend is now 25 and moved to a different town and is now married and living with her mother inlaw with her husband and their 2 year old child.

Lisa found it hard to start with in a large city without anyone she knew, so she went to a local cafe and stayed there as long as she could until it closed at 5 pm, however it stayed open an extra hour as the cafe attendant could see Lisa was still there and had not left, and appeared she had no place to go since she was there with her beanie on and a all weather jacket and luggage which looked so heavy with all her life possessions inside.

The cafe operator Marie saw Lisa at the cafe and struck up a little conversation with her and introduced herself. Hello my name is Marie, how are you – what is your name?. To which Lisa answered, My name is Lisa, I’m new around here, I come from Doreen Park. Marie smiled a delightful smile and said wow thats so nice, what brings you here ? Although Marie did not know where Doreen Park was, but having been brought up and raised in the city are all her life, she knew it was nowhere near the city or Provincial area where she is from. Lisa responded and said, I was raised on a family farm with a small community and I have always dreamed of living in the city and whatever the city had to offer. Oh that’s wonderful and so very exciting, responded Marie, Where are you staying – asked Marie.

Lisa momentarally looked away from Marie with a little embarressment as she had no place to stay, answered Marie in a quiet gentle voice. “I have no place to stay”, Lisa feeling the uncomfortable stare of Marie. Then a few seconds past by then when Marie said, You can stay at my place.

Lisa was a little dazed and unsure what to say as she could not quite comprehend or believe what Marie had just said. Lisa said “What” in a quiet puzzeled gentle voice. Immediately Marie responded again, You can stay at my place, Its a 5 bedroom house with a study and 2 separate kitchens and living areas and toilets, it could be sectioned off and you could have your own place, or you could stay with us as one big home we all share, I am staying there with my cousin Raihau and my parents, you would be more than welcome to stay with us, there is a spare room for you and you can set it up to the way you want and you can stay there till you find your own place.

Lisa was gobsmacked, she did not know what to say or do. Lisa could not believe her ears and responded with, how ? but you dont know me – how could you offer your home to me ? Marie responded, you seem like a nice woman and you need a place to stay and there is a place to stay at our home if you would like, my family would love to meet you and welcome you to our home. They would love to learn about your home and culture and you can learn from us and we could be one big happy family. Marie said.

Lisa was speechless and could not believe that Marie was welcoming her into her home. Marie said, You have been sent to me by God and at least I could do is offer you my home for you to stay in – isn’t this wonderful. Marie said with a big delightful smile on her face. So how about it – would you like to come home and stay with me and my family ?

Lisa could not believe her luck and supprisingly saw herself agreeing to Marie’s offer and walking together to Marie’s home. Marie had already closed up the shop and the 2 of them went down the side alleyway to her home out the back where she met Marie’s parents who were more than delighted to see Lisa there. Lisa could barely believe the welcome she had received. What do I owe you for staying here ? ask Lisa. Marie’s father and mother with a bit of a smile and chuckeled with the words, Nothing, you owe us nothing to stay here we are glad you are able to stay with us we are absolutely delighted that you have decided to stay with us. Come let us show you your room, said Marie’s father, as Marie’s dad and mum showed Lisa to her room while carrying her luggage for her.

I hope this room is satisfactory for your liking, said Marie’s dad to Lisa. Lisa could not believe how beautiful and so decorated it was compared to her old former home on the farm. It looked so much more fancier than her own home and could not believe this is the room she has been given.

Once you put your stuff away and get setteled then you can come and have dinner with us, dinner is about ready and we are about to eat soon and you welcome to join us. Said Marie’s dad.

Lisa could sensed that there was something different and a strange peace about this room. She sensed a unusual safe reassurance when she saw on the room wall a sign that said “home sweet home” and another sign that said Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” This room she was in was a little different than most and a somewhat gentle peace was around her while something different and more comfortable than other places. What is happening – she thought. Was it Gods intention that God would bring her to this place all along.

Lisa quickly put her stuff away and came out to meet the family to which she was joyfully greeted and welcomed to sit down and enjoy a meal with them. Today was special, they were having a mix of sweet potato and potato wedges and peas and beans and pumpkin. The food smelled really good as they served up and enjoyed dinner together as they spoke about how Marie’s family came to live there, and Lisa’s background and what brought her to the big city.

Lisa grew very apprehensive as they spoke about the past and the messages she read in her upstairs room on the wall.

Over time Lisa started resenting Marie as everyone seem to like and respect Marie as her wise decision making and kind generosity towards others. Though Lisa dare not let on that she held a grudge towards Marie.

Marie explained Raihau may not be coming for dinner tonight as a friends vehicle had broken down and they had pushed the car to a friends place and maybe staying there tonight so they could fix the car in the morning.

The following day Raihau came home with three of his friends. They spoke in a language Lisa had never heard before and could not comprehend. Then Raihau and his three friends noticed Lisa there sitting in the livingroom, surprised by her presence, all the young men gently smiled and introduced themselves. Maria’s mum Grace introduced Lisa to the young men and introduced the young men to Lisa.

Lisa could tell that Raihau took a liking to her as he could not stop smiling whenever he was around her, although he tried to hide his smiles, and his apparent kindness above normal he would be towards Lisa. This sparked Lisa’s interest and though it would be good and fun for her to see how far he could get Raihau’s kindness towards her.

Later that night when Raihau was out with his friends they all kept commenting how ugly Lisa was, and how she looked like a man an sounded with such a deep voice. This made Raihau uneasy as he saw Lisa as a kind and beautiful woman. They were commenting how Lisa’s family look like apes and their women looked like ugly men. Raihau’s friends for some reason did not like Lisa and was keen to make sure he did not have a long lasting relationship with her, as she was not one of them. Unbeknown to Raihau, Raihau’s friends were very staunch anti miscegenation, which would later be very detriment to Raihau’s future. However Raihau’s friends were always nice and courteous around Lisa and Raihau’s family.

However Raihau was captivated by her beauty and kindness.

Raihau and his friends left early in the morning and went to their local hang out in town where they would meet up with others to buy some food to eat and catch up with each other. Then spend the entire day in their local community helping people fix peoples bikes, hand out food and clothing for those who needed it, and do home and yard chores for members of their community who were not able to do it for themselves. They never charged anyone for their work and always with a smile and kindness and friendly support.

At the end of a long day after finishing up renovating and redesigning an elderly mans front yard Raihau and his friends retired for the day and spoke about their days events while they all went home. When Raihau came closer to town he saw Lisa a few doors away from his home where she was with his aunty and sister where they were reading stories and playing various games with the local children as they were all smiling and having fun. Raihau watched as he saw Lisa with one of the children running around pretending to be an airplane while the children watched with joy and laughter.

Often Raihau and his friends would each spend a lot of time at each others homes and their family would often meet together as they were all a very close tight community.

Over dinner with the family they would each recount their days events and share in each others goals & desires, joys and mishaps. Over time Raihau was so captivated by Lisa that he would go out of his way to give her nice things she liked, and Lisa surely did like getting nice things.

Eventually Raihau and Lisa would become close which caused issues with some of Raihau’s friends. As Lisa was not from around their community and was from a far away village. They would subtlely start to poison Lisa against Raihau claiming such things that when they are out of town they would hit on other good looking town women from other communities an drink plenty of Kava. Though they would not make it public and swear Lisa to secrecy as to not tell anyone about it, not even to Raihau as they don’t want people to know that they told her, because if it got out that they hang out with other women and drink Kava then they could get into all sorts of problems. Although none of the boys would drink Kava, nor did they mix around with town girls of other communities. This was all done to try and secretly turn Lisa away from Raihau. As Raihau is a local, and Lisa is from a provincial community many many hours drive and hundreds of KM away, and they were wanting Lisa to have a guy from her own town, and for Raihau to have a girl from their own community.

This distrust of Lisa towards Raihau did not go un noticed. Lisa would not make eye contact with Raihau, she would slowly over time no longer meet with him outside for their usual evening walks and talks together. This would become so obvious to all that Lisa is now avoiding Raihau. Raihau would ask and try and find out why Lisa is avoiding him, what has he done or what has happened which would cause her to be avoiding him so much. As over the many months Raihau and Lisa had well and truly known to all that they had become a close and in a relationship together. It became obvious to Lisa she had to come up with some reason why she was avoiding Raihau and for so long, and being so cold to him that she knew she had to come up with a good reason and excuse for avoiding and wanting nothing to do with him any more. So Lisa started saying to Raihau that she does not want to be with him any more, and also started telling Raihau’s Dad & Mum and their close neighbours that Raihau was violent and gets drunk and hits people and pushing around children in other communities and has relationships with other women in other communities. Lisa believed she had to convince those of Raihau’s family and friends that is why she had to leave him, blame him for the break up because he was the bad guy and not her.

Raihau’s 3 other friends saw that their plan was working, working so well in fact that Lisa had taken it up on herself to make even grander lies and deceptions as to why she had to leave Raihau, although Raihau had no idea why she was leaving him because everything she was saying was false. So many lies and so serious were some of the lies she was saying that some of the court officials caught what Lisa was accusing Raihau of some serious crimes in their community. All Lisa knew is that she had to discredit and defame Raihau so nobody would like him or believe him so that she could leave him and nobody would think any bad of her, and that she can go on with another relationship with someone else.

However when the authorities caught wind of what Lisa was accusing Raihau of, this was a serious crime in their books and they had to arrest Raihau and hold in in jail for a court hearing, going by the testimony that Lisa had confessed to the courts.

Lisa then packed all her things and went back to her own home where her family was and picked up where she was before, however now she had gotten a good education from the big city schools she was going to when she was with Marie and Raihau’s home. Now with her new certificates and degrees she was well on her way to a successful career in her chosen field. She had long put the events of Raihau behind her and went on with others in her own home community, while Raihau faced arrest and court trials based on the accusations and testimonies she had given previously. Raihau was in serious trouble because of Lisa, however he still loved her and had no idea why she was being so mean and horrible. Though all the anti miscegenation people in the community were now happy, and Lisa was happy to no longer have Raihau in her life.

Raihau’s love loyalty and faithfulness for Lisa was so strong, After Lisa disappeared and prior to his arrest, Raihau searched high and low for Lisa, contacting people she knew, only to get harsh treatment from them due to the lies of Lisa. Raihau travelled back to Lisa’s home town to see if he would find her there, but with still no luck. Raihau contacted all his friends searching for her, but without any luck. It was not until the police arrived and arrested Raihau for the crimes that Lisa had accused Raihau of that Raihau had to stop searching for and stop trying to contact Lisa.

As hard as it was for Raihau, he had to now face the devastating fact that Lisa was no longer in his life and she was wanting no more to do with him. With such heart ache and pain, although so painful was the pain of what Lisa had put him through, Raihau even despised of his own life. He willingly would give his life for her if that would have made her happy. But knowing Lisa was now wanting nothing to do with him any more, despite the repeated lies and attacks and false accusations, Raihau knew the only thing he could do if he truly loves her is to let her go and no longer try to contact her or try and talk to her and to have absolutely nothing more to do with her, because she was so much more happy without him in her life. So for Lisa’s happiness he would remove himself from her life, although he loved her so much.

The Authorities took Raihau and brought him before the courts and found him guilty of the crimes Lisa had accused him of, and by the testimony of witness who heard what Lisa had told them, claiming Lisa told them all the serious crimes Raihau had done towards Lisa.

So serious were the crimes of violence and controlling of her that the courts had to send him to jail for well over 10 years, as this was the penalty for such crimes.

Isaiah 53:1-11

Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed. For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth. He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation? for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken.

And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth. Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand. He9 shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for he shall bear their iniquities.

Story Time of Raihau & Lisa – The Saga Continues .. .( Soon to be updated ). ..

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What has happened to many of the worlds population ? What has happened since 2020 which has changed peoples minds and behaviours ? What has infected them ? Prior to 2020 everyone was the same, no differences. However now some people have taken something which others refuse to take. This thing they have taken has infected many people and now some people are no longer what they were prior to 2020 since they taken this substance. Since before 2020 everyone knew what the difference was between a man and a woman. Everyone knew what a woman was. Everyone knew that men could not get pregnant, and nor could men have abortions. Prior to 2020 it was generally accepted and known that there was only 2 genders, man and woman. Man marrys woman, woman is the wife of the man, and the man was the husband of the woman. Now since taking this word we can not use on website due to gogole word ban list. Nobody in any parliament or main stream public media seems to know what a woman is, infact many of them are on public record as having absolutely no idea what a woman is, however these same people are fighting up for womans rights, and on the board of womens rights organisations, many of them are what would have been called “woman” prior to 2020, yet they are putting people who prior to 2020 would have been called “men” on the boards to stand up for womens rights and bringing equality for women in sports and academics and business, yet these same people who would have been called “men” prior to 2020 are themselves competing in womens sports and winning all over the place in variety of womens sports and activities, yet they themselves are not able to say what a woman actually is. Yet there is people who were prior to 2020 would have been classified as “men” who just 12 months ago decided to be called a “woman” and claiming they are 12 months a woman, meaning there only a 12 month old female, and they are promoting alcohol beers to the masses, and usually 12 month old females are not legally allowed to be drinking beer or any alcohol, yet there is a supposed self claimed 12 month old girl promoting alcoholic beer. Would this prior to 2020 be classified as illegal about alcohol to minors ? Also why is “gender affirming care” when done in western nations by doctors it is acceptable for them to surgically remove the private parts of young children, but when non western countrys do the same thing to their children it is called barbaric butchery ? What is this “woke mind virus” we now hear about ? and why is our governments of the world rushing as fast as they can to a Central Bank Digital Currency & programmable money ? Why are they programming digital currency to restrict what people can and can not do with their currency credits? Why has Australia a month ago remove the authority of the reserve bank to move interest rates and created a Central Bank to govern such activities as promoted 4 weeks ago ?