Nine Letter Word

What 9 letter word in English what is a real normal English word that every time you remove 1 letter from the word it will always remain a normal English word ?

Do you think you may know the answer ?

The answer will be startling.

Are you starting to get the answer ?

If you can figure out the answer then you could put it in your own show and this could be your staring performance.

If you good at it you could string this performance together for a long time and make lots of good money.

Just make sure you have a good budget so incase things get a little tight that things dont sting you for a while.

Because if things turn our good then you could sing all the way to the bank.

Just do not let it go to your head because sin could be come knocking at your door.

And you could be in all sorts of trouble.

I only want the best for you.