I want it so much

I want you so much

I Need you so bad

Genesis 25:29-34  Esau sold his birthright for a pot of food, In Genesis 27:36, 38  you can see Esau’s longing for what he had lost. There maybe times when we long and yearn for something yet no matter how much we yearn and long and desire something, it is still out of reach of our grasp, even if it is right before us.

Take the story of the parable of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25:1-12  where the 5 foolish virgins were at the gate, they could see the lord, they long to be with him, they begged and pleaded to be let in, but unfortunate for them that the gate was already closed, they missed the meeting opportunity.

It is like you have a ticket to a movie or theater show or concert that is to start at 6 pm, yet at 5:30 you decided you wanted to go to a restaurant 20 minutes away to have a meal first and then come back to the theatre. However when you arrived back it was already 8:30 and you missed the opening and entrance and event completely, now you are asking to be let in although the event has already past and finished. You beg and plead to be let in, show them your ticket and ask to be allowed into the theatre.

This is similar to Esau and many of us today when we long and yearn for something, we may have even been given permission to enter and be apart of the event, but with our own pre occupation with our own distractions, and things that we are too pre occupied with, we loose focus of what is really important, and we miss the main event.

Blessings galore are being poured out, blessings so much more than you would be able to contain, but our own distractions and pre occupation with things that are not important, or focused on things that we are only distracted on our own selfish desires, we seem to miss the big picture, we take our eyes off the blessed prize, and end up missing out on the one true thing we truly wanted and were to be blessed with.

Like Esau we may beg and plead and cry out in anguish with a sincere heart,  You strive and cry out and long for and struggle to obtain, but no matter how much you strive and struggle, you seem to always not able to achieve your desire. Why, Just like how it is stated in James 4:2-3.

Similar to an old song saying you get there faster when you take it slow, or that you win when you surrender / loose.

Like Esau, he fought and struggle  and demanded to get what he wanted when he wanted, regardless of what it cost or what he had to do. Without taking a moment to pause and think, what are the consequences of my actions, what would happen if I did do this, is there an alternative, could I wait a little while.

Look back on what you have, how you have been blessed, humble yourself below your expectations, give exaltations to him, do not exalt yourself, and allow God exalt you in your humility, and watch as he fills your heart with so many blessings that there will not be room enough to contain them all.

It is his desire to bless you with the desires of your heart, Psalms 37:4

He is your beloved, and he is capable of blessing you far beyond what you ever thought possible, and much more than you ever thought he ever could.

I am so in love with you more than you could possibly even imagine


14 Years for the woman you love

Just imagine you met the woman of your dreams, she is so very beautiful and kind, sweet and gentle, caring and empathetic, loving and supportive, truthful and faithful.

Imagine this woman was the most loving beautiful thing you had ever seen in your life, the kind of woman you would do absolutely anything for.

Imagined you spent 7 years to be with this woman, only to find out you had been tricked, conned, scammed, and the woman you thought you were with was not the woman you thought you were getting. Imagine you were expecting one woman, but got something completely different, and then you had to wait another 7 years just to be with her.

Well this is exactly what happened to Jacob / Later named Israel. He met the wonderful beautiful Rachael and agreed to work 7 years to have Rachael as his wife, only after working 7 years when it was evening that when Rachael was to be brought to him to consummate the marriage that evening, Leah was brought to him instead, and being dark, he could not see that it was not Rachael but Leah, but when it came morning he could see that it was Leah Genesis 29:6-25

Could you imagine what was going through the mind of Jacob ? what was going through his thoughts and mind ? he had been tricked by Leban by giving him the wrong woman, Jacob worked 7 long hard years for Leban to marry his sweet beloved Rachael, looking forward to the day when the 7 years was finished and he could be with Rachael as his beloved wife.

Oh what love Jacob had for his beloved Rachael. Of all the things Jacob could have said and done, Justifiably or unjustifiable, Leban put another scenario to Jacob which changed the original agreement contact, you will now work for a total of not 7 years, but 14 years to get Rachael, 7 years for Leah first which you did not want or ask for, and then another 7 years for your sweet beloved Rachael.

What would you say or do in this situation if Leban came to you and said, you know how I agreed to give you this after working for me for 7 years, well I am changing the agreement, you now after having completed working for me for 7 years, you now have to work for me for another 7 more years, 14 years in total.

What would you have done ?  Whether you were Jacob or Rachael. Imagine it was 27/09/2016 and you met the most beautiful woman and you fell in love with her and wanted her to be your wife. Or imagine you met the most wonderful compassionate man who you fell in love with and you wanted him to be your husband. And the woman was with her father and he said that the 2 of you could marry if the man worked for him for 7 years.

So as the days and weeks and moths went by, and eventually a year and another year and another year and another year, more weeks, more months. You are head over heels in love with each other and longed so much to be with each other because your love for each other grew more stronger as time went by, Imagine now it is coming close to the day when you can be with the man / woman of your dreams, the one you have been waiting for for so very long, the one who you are so very much in love with, and longing for the day when you can be in each others arms.

Imagine it is the last week before you are to be together after so long after 7 years, the week goes down to days, and then the day before the 7 year completion, and your high hopes and excitement that this night you are going to be confirmed as Husband and Wife with the one you loved and longed for all these 7 years, only to find out that your father / your father-in-law backed out of the deal, reneged on the deal, Instead of you getting the woman you dreamed of for so long, you were given her sister.

Instead of you marrying the man of your dreams on your supposed wedding day, your father replaced you with your sister and your sister married your beloved instead.

How devastating would that be for you ?  And to make it even worse, not only did your father / father in-law not allow you to marry the one you had intended on marrying, he said to the both of you that if you want to marry, that he would have to work for him yet another 7 more years, meaning that you would not be able to be with the one you love until 28/09/2030.

Could you imagine that ? Not only did he not allow you to marry shortly afterwards, but had to wait yet another 7 more years to 2030.

Well this is exactly what Leban put towards Jacob, and Jacob accepted and worked yet another 7 more years for Rachels hand in marriage.

Would you have waited ? would you have done it ?

The great love a man has for the woman he loves, 7 years waiting was considered as nothing because of the great love Jacob had for Rachael.

The great love the man has for the woman he loves is so strong and long lasting, it has been the inspiration for many songs and great fetes of endurance. There is almost nothing a man would not do for the woman he loves, Even to a great expense to himself, the mans love for his beloved woman knows no limit, And Jacob worked another 7 years for Rachael, and to him it was as though a nothing because of his great love and devotion to hear. Waited 14 years in total to be with his sweet beloved.

So is it too with God, he is for ever enduring and for ever waiting for us, he has so many great plans for your life and mine, to prosper and help and bless us abundantly in ways we never even thought of.

He waited for the exact year and month and day and hour of your birth. He gave you to a Dad and Mum to look after and care for you. Despite all your choices in life which brought you to this situation, he still loves you so greatly, and like a loving husband, he has many great and wonderful plans for your life. God has as many plans to prosper you as there is grains of sand in the sea, if you could count them all.

Isnt it strange that people would have no issues or concerns about putting things into their mouth and into their arms things they have absolutely no idea what it is or what is in it or how it was made by people who openly say and promote and want to reduce the worlds population as close to zero as possible and who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands – if not possibly many millions